The holidays can be a hectic time of year for moms. They juggle gift shopping, decorating, baking and planning family get-togethers, all on top of their normal daily responsibilities. Moms work hard to make the holidays special, so they deserve to be treated. Use this holiday gift guide to show the moms in your life how much you appreciate them.

1. Tile Mate

Everyone’s experienced that panicked moment where you can’t find your keys. Add a young child who needs constant supervision, and you’ve got a frustrating situation on your hands.

A Tile Mate tracker attaches to any keychain and syncs to the owner’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Whenever mom needs to find her keys, purse or diaper bag, she can check her Tile Mate app to find it instantly.

2. Personalized Charm Jewelry

Jewelry is a timeless gift for any woman, but at some point, they may end up with more pieces than they need. Moms have a lot of decisions to make in the morning to get the family out the door, so picking out jewelry from a big collection isn’t always a priority.

Charm bracelets or necklaces are a great alternative. You can give your mom or spouse a chain with a few charms this year, then give her new charms for future holidays. She can then swap out the charms as often as she wants. Additionally, discover the perfect finishing touch to any mom’s collection with 5 stone mothers’ rings for sale, adding timeless elegance to cherished moments.

3. iRobot Roomba Vacuum

We’ve all had a toddler spill Cheerios on the floor and left them there longer than we care to admit. You can’t always drop everything to clean up each and every mess, so a robot vacuum can be a life-saver.

The moms in your life will appreciate having an iRobot Roomba continuously cleaning up grime and spills. The upfront price is an investment in their peace of mind and a guarantee that they’ll have a little more free time.

4. Ember Temperature-Controlled Mug

How often have you sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, only to forget about it when the baby starts crying? For moms, this might be a daily occurrence.

The Ember Mug prevents that from happening. The moms in your life can set a customized temperature so their drinks never get cold. When they need to recharge it, the mug sits on an electric coaster. No extra batteries needed.

5. Parent Education

Give Mom the gift of education with an online parenting class. It could be a class to help baby and parents sleep through the night such as, Sleep Coaching 101. Is baby sign language an interest of Mom’s? Or is Potty Training 101 the topic of the household? Check out a variety of online parenting classes here. Purchase it with her name and email and it will be sent directly to her!

6. Lululemon Belt Bag

When you have a baby, you may need to swap out your favorite purse for a diaper bag. That’s where the Lululemon belt bag comes in. It’s stylish and on-trend, while also being practical. While the baby’s essentials will go in the diaper bag, the belt bag can hold Mom’s wallet, keys, lip balm, and anything else that could get buried in the diaper bag.

This bag is small and snaps around your waist or over your shoulder, making it the perfect hands-free choice for moms with other things to carry.

7. Silk Sheets

Silk sheets are a perfect gift for a mom who needs more sleep. A set of sateen silky bed sheets can make any bed feel more luxurious, and they have a cooling effect. Silk can also be gentler on your hair and skin, ensuring that she will wake up to a good hair day and clear skin.

8. Journal

Journaling is a great hobby for moms, as it can help relieve stress and document your emotions as your little ones grow up. For a first-time journal user, a guided journal can be the perfect choice. Guided journals give you prompts to jump off of if you’re not sure what to write about. You can complete this gift with a set of fun pens, stickers or any other stationary items she might enjoy. Another great guided journal for women who have recently given birth is, Birth Story Brave, Reimagined.

9. Skincare or Makeup Sets

When you’re dealing with the expenses of a new baby, you might not splurge on yourself. Skincare sets, like this one from Tatcha, or makeup kits are a great gift for moms who deserve to pamper themselves but don’t want to spend the money. If you’re not sure what brands or products she likes, the sample-size sets are great for her to test out new products. You can also go for a gift card to her favorite beauty store if she’s more particular.

10. Postpartum Doula Gift Certificate

Give the gift of newborn care and postpartum support. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny offers gift certificates towards hiring a Newborn Care Expert and Postpartum Doula. Giving the gift of newborn care extends past their visit, as a Newborn Care Expert provides so much knowledge for Mom and Dad to use throughout their parenting journey! You can trust our team of childcare experts to give you peace of mind and a goodnight’s sleep.

Top Finds in today’s Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

From expecting parents to moms of multiples, these gift ideas will show the mom in your life how much you care. The perfect gifts for moms are ones that relieve stress, make life easier and provide her with much-needed selfcare. And if you’re a mom reading this, don’t be afraid to send this guide to your family to push them in the right direction!

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