Get your kids in a patriotic spirit leading up to Independence day with this 4th of July Craft. Make one or all three of the noise makers to bring along with you to the parade. The kids can even have their own parade, acting out what they saw, when they get home. As you make these patriotic noise makers, talk about what the colors, stars, and stripes stand for on the American flag.

Three 4th of July Crafts

patriotic noise makers 4th of July Craft1. American Flag Shaker

  • Paper plate
  • Red construction paper cut into strips
  • Glue Stick
  • Stapler
  • Dried corn or beans
  • White star stickers (or cut from paper)

Fold a white paper plate in half. Note: If you don’t have a paper plate on hand, cut a large circle out of white cardstock. With a blue crayon, square off a blue section in the top left hand corner for the stars. Then ask your child to glue on red stripes in the white space. For older kids they can cut their own stripes out of the construction paper. Offer white stars to glue on, or adhere if they’re stickers, to the blue area. An adult can staple around the edges, leaving a spot at the top to fill with dried corn or beans. Let the children fill it up, being sure to remind them to leave space for the beans to move around to create noise. Staple the final section at the top.

2. Blue Starred Kazoo

  • Paper towel roll
  • Blue paint
  • White star stickers (or cut from paper)
  • Wax paper
  •  Elastic band
  • Red and white tissue paper cut into strips
  • Scotch Tape

Cut the paper towel roll in half or 3/4th of the length. Then let your child paint it blue. While it is drying cut out white stars to glue on and strips of red and white tissue paper. Glue or stick the stars on the tube. Next take a small square of wax paper and seal it to the top of the tube with an elastic band. Tape strips of red and white tissue paper strips around the elastic band. Finally, poke two small holes in the side of the tube to allow noise to escape. Now have your child hum and blow throw the open end of the tube; it will create a vibration sound similar to a kazoo!

If the children are enjoying painting you can also make matching family flag shirts to show off at the parade!

3. Striped Jingle Music Stick

Have your child paint the front and back of the wooden spatula with red, white, and blue stripes. The stripes don’t have to be in order or look perfect. The colors speak for themselves. Once it is dry, have your child thread two bells onto pipe cleaners and weave them through the spatula’s slits. Twist the back of the pipe cleaner to secure it on and cut any excess pipe cleaner so there are no sharp points sticking out.

Off to the 4th of July Parade!

This is a great activity for the weekend or even day before 4th of July when the kids are overly excited for the parade and fireworks. Here is a great book to read along with the activity, Our Flag. Have a little parade around the neighborhood afterward to get excess energy out. Here is another 4th of July Craft you can try or even make this patriotic dessert together. Happy Independence day to all and thank you to our military for keeping our country safe.

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