I recently wrote a piece for Estate & Manor Magazine about a decision working parents are sometimes faced with–whether or not to let go of their nanny. I wanted to share it with you because as someone who has spent a lot of time in homes helping families with day and overnight baby care for over a decade, I understand how difficult these transitions can be for everyone involved.


Working parents want the best for their children and hopefully this article can help make a tough decision a bit easier.

Remember when you had your first child, and someone—whether a friend, family member or perfect stranger—gave you the whole “go with your gut” speech in regards to parenting? Sure, such unsolicited advice may have caused an eye roll from you at the time, but as cliché as the advice may be, they’re wise words. There’s a reason people say we should listen to our instincts as moms and dads. It’s because they’re usually spot-on. Read 7 Signs It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Nanny.

And to highlight the positive side of childcare, I’ll be following up with “7 Signs Your Nanny is A Keeper” soon!