Calling all Newborn Care Specialists and Experts! Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Register for BBN&N’s Advanced Newborn Care Training and take a deeper dive into learning about newborn care.

Why Become An Advanced Newborn Care Expert?

Are you a certified Newborn Care Expert and wondering why you should take the advanced training? Families are looking for trained caregivers with continuous professional development.

Expand Your Resume

A true professional never stops learning. Having an Advanced Newborn Care Certification will make you more in demand. The more trained you are and the better you are at caring for infants, the more parents will want to hire you!

Refresh Your Knowledge

Perhaps you are a veteran Newborn Care Specialist and have been in the field for years. When families look at your resume they see a ten year old newborn care certification. Refresh not only your resume, but your knowledge as well. Sometimes when you have been in the field for years, your work becomes routine. Here is your opportunity to give your expertise a facelift.

Offer Better Care To The Whole Family

This class provides additional information about postpartum, maternal care. In addition the course goes into maternal emergencies to keep an eye out for. The Advanced Newborn Care certification doesn’t make you a clinician to perform medical care, as that would require a Nursing degree. However, you will be able to spot signs for emergencies and get Mom the help she needs.

Identify Potential Infant Emergencies

Parents who hire a Newborn Care Specialist or Expert, don’t just want someone who can change a diaper and feed their baby overnight. They want a well educated professional. In our online class we will go over newborn conditions, some that are typical and some that are more worrisome. As an Advanced Newborn Care Expert you will be able to alert parents when they need to call the doctor and when to provide them with reassurance.

Created By Registered Nurses

The Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Advanced Newborn Care Training was created by two Registered Nurses with years of experience working with newborns. Carole Kramer-Arsenault is the owner of Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny and a registered nurse specializing in obstetrics and maternal child health. In addition, she is the Author of Newborn 101 and is an experienced sleep coach and lactation consultant. Kaitlin McCarthy, RN is the owner of Boston CPR Partners and is a veteran Newborn Care Expert. Additionally, she is a seasoned EMT in both the pre-hospital field and clinical hospital field.

Okay, are you ready to get started? Sign up for our online class today: Advanced Newborn Care Training. Take advantage of our 30% off New Year coupon code: NewbornNewYear30, it is valid through February 28th, 2022. If you haven’t taken the pre-requisite course, Newborn Care Expert Training Program, you can use the same New Year coupon code!