It feels like toddlers are changing constantly and learning something new every second. Their brains are like sponges! As your little one grows you want to provide as many educational opportunities as possible. Keep in mind though, that at this age they learn through their play. Some toddler milestones your child will work on are: following two step directions, walking, running, talking, sorting shapes/colors, looking for hidden items, and much more. Try the following toddler activities to practice and master age appropriate development skills.

fine motor toddler activitiesRing Toss

The saying is true, “Monkey see, monkey do.” Toddlers will watch you and then try it out. So with this toddler activity, start by showing how to put a hair elastic over a spoon’s handle. You probably have a wooden spoon at home, so all you need are small, colorful, elastic hairbands. You can find these at the dollar store or on amazon for under $5. With painters tape, adhere a spoon or potato masher to the floor. Then put different colored elastic bands down over the handle. Talk aloud to help develop language skills. Can your child follow a two step direction, “Find a blue elastic and put it on the handle.” If your child is verbal ask questions such as, “How many yellow elastics did you put on?”

Color Tubes

This fun activity is made up of all cardboard from around your house. You will just need to purchase colorful pompoms. Save paper towel rolls, cut them to different sizes, and paint each one a different color of the rainbow. Tape them to the back of a cardboard box and fill it with rainbow colored pompoms. I cut a box to create a size that I liked (view the large image under the title). Send the green pompom down the green tube and watch as your child is delighted when it comes out the other end! Your child may not pair the correct color pompom with the matching colored tube in the beginning and that is okay; that’s why we provide these fun toddler activities! They are still working on learning their colors during toddlerhood. This activity also touches upon fine motor, cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and more. Visit This Toddler Life for Montessori activities to try at home!

Block Shape Matching

developmental toddler activitiesAre you ready to work on shape sorting and matching? Remember this is a skill your toddler is working towards so they may not be successful at first. Have fun with it and role model with verbal cues. You will need a large piece of paper, 9×12 construction paper works well. Pick out a variety of different shaped blocks and trace them all over the piece of paper. If you think it will help your child find the match, color the traced block the same color as the tangible block. Then, set the blocks out around the paper and play a matching game. Suggest, “Can you find the rectangle block that matches this one?”

For more fun toddler activities displaying learning through play try another one of our featured activities! If you have a younger child at home try 6-12 month activities. Learn how to help your child reach more developmental milestones through our online course, Caring For Young Children: Early Childhood Milestones. If you need some help after school or with any remote learning, Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is happy to help you find a find a Nanny Educator or Tutor.

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