In addition to the diapering, sleeping, and feeding discussed in Part 1 of the baby checklist, there are other items to consider when you are expecting a baby. Baby clothing is of course essential, but you don’t have to go overboard. We’ll also go into bath time necessities and what you will need when venturing out with your little one.  

Clothing Essentials

People love to gift adorable baby clothing to expecting moms. It can be easy to overlook some of the basics that will definitely be needed. Having onesies in varying sizes is hugely helpful when trying needing to layer to keep baby comfortable in all types of weather. Socks and booties are also helpful to be sure that baby’s feet stay warm. Even in the summer it can help to own a little sweatshirt or two (zip up for ease and no hood for safety). This way if you are in an air conditioned room, your baby won’t get chilled. Lastly, a hat (either a sunhat or warmer winter hat) will be vital to keeping your baby’s body temperature regulated and the sun out of their little eyes.

Baby Checklist For Bath Time

It will be important to have a baby bath that you can safely wash your infant in. Newborn baby “tubs” keep your little one propped up so that really only their lower half is in water. Investing in some really soft washcloths will keep your baby’s sensitive skin comfortable and clean.

Picking a Baby Wash

There are lots of baby wash options out there! Selecting the one that is right for your baby is a personal choice. At Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny we suggest a baby wash with natural ingredients and no fragrance (this is true of laundry detergent as well!). Some great options are Babyganics, Burts Bees, and California Baby.

After Bath Time

A soft, warm towel with a hood is a great way to keep your baby warm and dry after bath time! Once they’re dried off, keep their skin baby soft with lotion.

Venturing Out Baby Checklist

It may feel overwhelming to consider everything you should bring with you on an outing with baby.  Having a sturdy diaper bag with plenty of pockets and compartments can help you stay prepared and organized.

Pack your Diaper Bag

You’ll need diapers, rash cream, as well as a wipe holder to keep them from drying out. Bringing an entire package of wipes is certainly an option, but it can be heavy and take up unnecessary space. It can also help to bring a wet bag incase there are any soiled clothes during the outing. If you are using formula, have a container with sections for pre-measured amounts. This allows you to just add the formula directly from the container to the bottle for quick and easy feeding on the go! For a full list read, What To Pack In Your Mary Poppins Bag!

Carseat, Strollers, and Carriers Oh My!

Carseats, strollers, and baby carriers are also items that will need to be considered. Initially it will probably be most helpful to use a “bucket seat” with a detachable base so that you can easily transport baby to and from the car. Snap and go strollers allow you to safely secure the carseat onto the stroller base. A BabyBjorn or ErgoBaby carrier are also options for carrying baby.

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