Q. My baby is 3 months old and still not sleeping well during the night. We’re up 3-4 times during the night with her. Will moving her into her own room help?

A. Waking up several times during the night is normal sleeping behavior for a baby. The problem is that she cannot or does not know how to go back to sleep because she has not had the opportunity to learn. If you are not happy with your baby’s current night time habits, evaluate your current situation. Is she still sleeping in your room? Does she sleep in your bed? Do you feed her every time you hear her whimper? Moving your baby into her own room can be helpful. If your plan is to eventually have her in her own room, this could be the time to make the move. When that happens, you will not hear every little noise that she makes (babies can be very loud sleepers) and your baby won’t be awakened by your movements either.

Once your baby is in her own room, try to help her learn to fall asleep by giving her some time. Do not rush into the room right away when you hear her fuss, and she will most likely go back to sleep within a short time. Some babies actually make quite a bit of noise the light sleep stages so your baby may not be fully awake when you hear her. Try to give her ten or fifteen minutes before you go into her room. I know this seems like a long time, but it may take that long for her at first because she’s not used to it. If her crying escalates and she’s becoming very upset, go ahead and try to calm her down by rubbing her tummy and speaking softly. If she’s just too upset to settle down, pick her up to soothe her. When she’s calm, but not asleep, put her back into the crib. Be consistent with this pattern over the course of a week and very soon you will have a baby who wakes up and goes right back to sleep.

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