Are you an expecting parent and looking for which baby registry to use? There is a new kind of baby registry available that allows you to register for pre and postnatal support rather than all tangible items. We strongly recommend The Flourish Fund Baby Registry, as it will allow you to register for many useful services that you’ll need when you get home from the hospital.

Flourish Fund’s Baby Registry Offers:

  • Bundles: These have some tangible items and a gift card for pre or postnatal support, all of which follows a theme. The Liquid Gold Bundle comes with a haakaa, organic nipple butter, a lactation support gift card and more!
  • Online Classes: In addition, The Flourish Fund Registry offers the ability to register for virtual classes to help prepare you to be the best parent you can be. Some of their online classes include Childbirth, Nursing, Yoga, and Infant CPR.
  • Experiences: Other services you can register for include a doula, newborn care, pre and postnatal fitness classes, meal delivery, and more!

Facebook Live Featuring Pediatric Specialists

Follow Flourish Fund on Facebook to view their Live sessions with pediatricians, sleep consultants, lactation specialist, and more! For the month of January, every Thursday at 5pm, our very own Carole Kramer Arsenault will be going live with Flourish Fund. On last week’s Facebook Live she discussed all the different childcare options available to families. Carole is well rounded in the early childhood field. She is the founder of Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny, author of Newborn 101, an RN, certified sleep consultant, and certified lactation consultant. She has so much more to talk about in the upcoming weeks! Join us live to get your questions answered or if you miss it you can always log on afterwards to watch the recording.

  • Newborn Care Tips: January 14th
  • Infant Sleep Tips: January 21st
  • Nurturing Your Child’s Development: January 28th

We encourage you take the time to explore the services you can register for on Flourish Fund’s Baby Registry. Join us every Thursday in January for the Newborn Care Series on Facebook Live. Remember to have your questions ready to be answered by Carole Kramer Arsenault herself, with firsthand experience as a Labor and Delivery Nurse and Newborn Care Specialist.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Services

Night wakings can be exhausting for parents and lack of sleep can leave parents feeling scattered and foggy. An overnight newborn care expert provides care so sleep deprived parents can get a good night of sleep. Your baby needs sleep and so do you.

Daytime Newborn Care

Your Newborn Care Expert will care for your infant and create a stimulating environment that will help foster your baby’s development.

In-Home Consultant Visits

Our trained professionals can teach you how to best care for your baby. Many parents have questions about how to bathe their babies, how to swaddle, or a host of other questions. We also offer a variety of breastfeeding support and lactation services designed to help support and maximize your breastfeeding experience.

Baby Sleep Coaching

One in four children under the age of five has a sleep issue. Most children’s sleep issues are behavioral and not medical. If your child is struggling with sleep issues, you are not alone!

Nanny Placements

The care of your children is our highest priority. Connecting families with warm, responsible, and trustworthy caregivers is what we do best. Our team will meet with your family, identify qualified caregivers, and hand-select the best candidates for you to meet with.