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Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Caregiver Opportunities


Childcare & Caregiver Availability

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If you are an experienced, responsible and warm caregiver who adores kids of all ages, Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny invites you to apply for placement with our agency. We foster a supportive environment to grow your career as a Nanny, Newborn Care Expert, or Educator and Tutor.

Newborn Care Expert

As a daytime baby nurse, you will provide expert newborn care in addition to creating a stimulating environment that will help foster infant development.

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We can help you to maintain a balance between keeping your children healthy and providing an academic education that provides essential social interaction for children in their formative years.

Nanny Educator

Nanny Educator / Tutor

Help families by providing their children with an education that teaches skills for essential social interaction in their formative years.

Professional nanny taking online course

Professional Development Courses

Expand your early childhood knowledge with our professional development courses. Sign up for one of Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny’s Online Training Programs. At completion you will receive a certificate that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn Profile.

Hear From Our Specialists

The comfort and security of working for BBNN stems from the availability of continuous and consistent training to improve our skills and keep us ahead of the curve. Delivering industry leading care to all our clients in conjunction with a team mentality and a supportive management group has made working for BBNN a true pleasure.
I always work with an agency it’s safer and nice to have an agency to have your back. I’ve worked with many through the years, but BBNN – in the form of Carole and the staff she hires – shines above the rest. Carole cares. Carole cares about who you are and why you have chosen to be a night nurse / nanny (because there are many different reasons!) Carole offers support – either through training or simply through having knowledgeable staff or herself available to teach and guide us through many different situations ( premies, twins, trouble shooting nursing issues, sleep challenges, post partum ….). Great to have an agency that works with you and for you.
I like being a part of BBNN because I can make my schedule work for me and my family needs. It offers schedule flexibility that most jobs cannot offer.
Of course, I love the actual job of working with newborns and helping new parents learn what to do and how to do via in home visits. I feel my work is meaningful and useful. I never tire of being a professional caregiver.

BBNN allows me to do what I do best within a safe and uplifting work environment.

I came to Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny through an NCS referral, and I have never been prouder of the company I represent. BBN&N does not only value their clients but also truly values their staff. I feel part of a team that works together and supports each other and our clients to be able to enjoy the newborn & infant experience.
As a young lady who had worked in a group child care setting for 10 years I didn’t know what to expect from a career as a nanny. Working with an agency helped provide me with the support I needed when making the career change. I was able to fact check my contract with the agency so that I was comfortable with the partnership I was committing to. My only wish is that I transitioned from group care to a nanny position sooner.
If I ever need to be placed with another family (which I hope doesn’t come any time soon!) I would never go through anyone else but BBNN! Their team was always looking out for me and GOD BLESS LAURIE for all the hard work she put in for me to find not just a good family to work with, but the perfect one. I felt like I had found a best friend here that not only heard me, but genuinely cared and went the extra mile for me every time. This process felt so fluid and easy and I really felt like Ashley and Laurie were on my side, cheering me on! There was a moment when I found a family I thought I was a really good match for and when they started dragging their feet on the interviews and placement, my team straight up told me not to cry over a family that would pass up such a great candidate! I feel like it was that moment that helped me to see, “wow, these people really do want what’s best for me and they have my back 100%.” For these reasons and many others, BBNN is the only agency I trust to take my needs and gifts into consideration when placing me with a family. They are truly the people you wish you had in your corner every day rooting for you and they are great at helping you find work you’ll love, quickly and efficiently.
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