Nannies help raise children and mold them into who they will become, alongside the parents. Parents want the best for their children and therefore want to hire the very best childcare provider. So, nannies need to show an impressive resume with continued professional development. Is a certified nanny really out there? 

Certified Nanny & Accreditation 

In the United States there is no official certifying body for nanny classes, like there is for teachers or doctors. So, although some online classes market that they are accredited, keep in mind that an accredited training is based on that company’s approval process. If the accrediting company is making sure that classes are a certain length and contain specific goals rather than checking the content for accuracy, then the accreditation has no validity in the nanny and newborn care field. The important point is that the content should be accurate.

Not All Classes Are Created Equal

How can you choose the most reliable childcare classes and workshops, knowing that you’re getting the most for your education? Research the professional development classes that interest you. The number one telling sign of a qualified, worthwhile nanny class is the instructor. Be sure to read the instructor bio and make sure he so she has the appropriate background, whether it be medical or early childhood based. Taking a Newborn Care Specialist class by someone with experience DOES NOT provide the same knowledge as taking one written by an RN who worked in Obstetrics and Maternal Health. At Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny we are happy to say our Newborn Care Expert Training is taught by Carole K. Arsenault, RN with those credentials and more, such as working at Brigham and Women’s NICU and Postpartum Unit.

Importance of Class Content

The next important factor to consider is what standards the class content follows. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny sees the importance of backing all our information by the American Academy of Pediatrics and research based facts. Classes should not be instructed solely based on experience in the field, but instead proven research and standards that are followed nation wide. This is paramount because then childcare providers learn information aligned with what pediatricians are sharing with families.

Continued Professional Development

Although the United States does not have a certified nanny official accrediting body, you can still be an educated nanny. The best nannies and childcare providers are those who continue to take classes, attend workshops, and earn certifications. Every year there are two big nanny conferences: NannyPalooza and National Nanny Training Day. These are great opportunities for nannies to get together, network, and learn! Throughout the year nannies can also find online classes and occasionally free Zoom workshops.

At Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny we offer over 15 online classes. All of our classes are written and edited by experts from the Boston medical community and early childhood educators. Check out our classes and read about each instructor, here! All nannies and newborn care experts placed through our agency receive three free online classes to bulk up their resume!