Newborn Care Experts & Postpartum Doulas

Have that Magic Touch with Babies?

It’s certainly a gift! A Newborn Care Expert and Postpartum Doula provides assistance to families bringing home a new baby, with their knowledge of “the fourth trimester.” NCEs aid new parents with infant sleep, feeding (formula or breast), bathing, diapering, swaddling, development, and other newborn knowledge such as infant reflexes.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny offers a comprehensive Newborn Care Expert (NCE) Training Program and Postpartum Doula certification that provides the highest level and quality in baby care education. If you’re looking to nurture your gift of infant care into an enriching career, you’ll want to know how to address a range of sometimes quite complex newborn needs. Complementing your natural way with infants, our Newborn Care Expert program will enable you to provide top-notch baby care and give families the peace of mind to welcome you into their homes.


What to expect

  • 40 hours of online, practical training
  • Taught in accordance with American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and policies
  • Designed by Baby Expert and Author Carole Arsenault, who has over a decade of hands-on experience as a Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and baby nurse.
  • Prepares you for a satisfying and reputable career as a Newborn Care Expert


Training Topics

  • Breastfeeding Support: You will learn all about breastfeeding from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant; including benefits for mom and baby, breast physiology and milk production, positioning and latching, frequency and duration of feeding, and common breastfeeding issues and solutions.
  • Infant Care: You will learn infant development during the first three months (we call this the fourth trimester). Instruction will be provided on infant care, sleep, feeding, sleeping, and soothing.
  • Sleep Coaching: We will teach you sleep coaching secrets, and how to work with parents in developing sleep routines that work with each family’s unique needs. You’ll learn about establishing healthy sleep habits and how to promote positive sleep routines for babies.
  • Practical Baby Nurse Tips: We will share helpful hints gleaned from decades of caring for babies at Boston’s top hospitals, pediatrician offices, and homes of new parents.

The Benefits of BBN&N

If you are an experienced caregiver with a minimum of five years professional, newborn care experience, you are encouraged to complete the Newborn Care Expert application.

Higher Pay + Benefits

Our team of Newborn Care Experts are employed by BBN&N, not individual families. We provide sick time and competitive rates for our professional and highly trained NCEs.


Finding overnight newborn care positions online can be very risky. Our team works closely with families and even conducts home visits so we can be sure that you will be in a safe work environment.

Professional Development

We offer training opportunities and ongoing development so that each individual can reach his or her full potential. When an NCE is invited to join our team, they receive our $295.00 online Newborn Care Expert training program free of charge. This ensures that each NCE has infant expertise and understands the American Academy of Pediatrics best practices.

We Support You

We connect families and Newborn Care Experts based on compatibility which helps ensure greater job satisfaction and job security. Most importantly, working with us means you’ll have an advocate. We support our Newborn Care Experts every step of the way.

Integrity without Compromise

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is an award-winning agency with a team of experienced Newborn Care Experts who share a passion for caring for babies. The team at BBN&N operates with honesty and integrity in every aspect of the business. We are open with our employees, transparent with our customers, and loyal to the communities we serve.

hear from our employees

The comfort and security of working for BBNN stems from the availability of continuous and consistent training to improve our skills and keep us ahead of the curve. Delivering industry leading care to all our clients in conjunction with a team mentality and a supportive management group has made working for BBNN a true pleasure.
I always work with an agency it’s safer and nice to have an agency to have your back. I’ve worked with many through the years, but BBNN – in the form of Carole and the staff she hires – shines above the rest. Carole cares. Carole cares about who you are and why you have chosen to be a night nurse / nanny (because there are many different reasons!) Carole offers support – either through training or simply through having knowledgeable staff or herself available to teach and guide us through many different situations ( premies, twins, trouble shooting nursing issues, sleep challenges, post partum ….). Great to have an agency that works with you and for you.
I like being a part of BBNN because I can make my schedule work for me and my family needs. It offers schedule flexibility that most jobs cannot offer.
Of course, I love the actual job of working with newborns and helping new parents learn what to do and how to do via in home visits. I feel my work is meaningful and useful. I never tire of being a professional caregiver.

BBNN allows me to do what I do best within a safe and uplifting work environment.

I came to Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny through an NCS referral, and I have never been prouder of the company I represent. BBN&N does not only value their clients but also truly values their staff. I feel part of a team that works together and supports each other and our clients to be able to enjoy the newborn & infant experience.


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