So, it’s time to find a nanny.

You’ve been home with your first little one for the past few months but now …. work calls. Or you’re looking for someone to pick up the twins at school, and help with homework and bedtime. Maybe you’ve just found out baby number four is on the way, and a live-in nanny is starting to look like your best choice for childcare. Whichever circumstance you find yourself in, it is no secret that starting the search can be…well, plain intimidating. The good news is that It doesn’t have to be.

Although online nanny agencies have become popular in recent years, a survey of household employers conducted by GTM Payroll Services, made it clear that hiring a nanny through a full service agency, such as Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny saved families time, boosted retention, and reduced the hassles of bringing on board multiple nannies over a short period of time.

But remember, not all nanny agencies are created equal.

In addition to being professional, respectful and experienced, a full-service placement agency should also:

  • Be fully licensed, insured and experienced.
  • Have insider access to professional nanny networks.
  • Have a rigorous vetting process including multiple background checks, job history, reference and background check.
  • Conduct in person, behavior-based interviews & assessments on all prospective nanny candidates.
  • Offer candidates comprehensive training programs
  • Provide access to all nanny references, background reports and previous work experience.
  • Offer your family support and guidance during the nanny interview process.
  • Offer your family post-placement support.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Can Help You Find a Nanny

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny’s full-service placement agency has the expertise and professional resources to find the best match for you and your family. Let us spend the time finding you professional, responsible, trustworthy candidates to interview, and rest easy knowing we do thorough background checks, reference checks, and employment checks. We’re also here to support and guide your family through the employment process.

Give us a call today and let us find your family the PERFECT nanny!