Everyone deserves a birth that makes them feel safe, heard and respected!

A community of support can make all the difference in your birth. By collaborating with the team at Boston Doula Circle, Boston Baby Nurse can ensure that your support begins even before birth. BDC provides physical, emotional and informational assistance during the birthing period, helping to lay the groundwork for thriving babies and families,

Boston Baby Nurse and Boston Doula Circle

Boston Baby Nurse understands that some women may prefer extra support during the process of birth. In order to offer this support to families in and around Boston, we have partnered with the Boston Doula Circle. With over 70 years of combined experience, the BDC team provides 24/7 on-call support during your pregnancy, continuous care during your labor and childbirth, and follow-up in the first few weeks postpartum.
Boston Doula Circle

Boston Doula Circle offers two different options for birth doula service to support families in all types of births.

Birthing Doulas

Birth Doula Support

Complete support for hospital, birth center or midwife-attended home births

This service begins with a free consultation with two Boston Doula Circle doulas to help you discover all the benefits that birth doula support holds for you. Once you contract with BDC, we are on-call for you by phone, email and text 24 hours a day, to answer any questions, provide resources or just give you a pep talk! Around 36 weeks of pregnancy, we will meet with you in your home to talk through your vision for your birth and offer practical suggestions for physical comfort in the weeks leading up to your baby’s arrival. When labor begins, we come to your home to provide in-person support, help you decide when to transition to your birthing place and continue to accompany you through the birth of your child. We provide immediate postpartum support in the first 1-2 hours after your child’s birth — including breastfeeding help if desired – and one postpartum visit in your home 1-3 weeks after your birth.

Our birth clients are also eligible to participate in our monthly workshop series free of charge. These workshops cover a range of prenatal, birth and postpartum topics, including our popular workshop on Consent and Shared Decision-Making in Childbirth.

Planned Cesarean Support

Helping create the best possible experience for those planning a cesarean birth

This service includes everything in our Birth Doula Support service, but specifically tailored to the needs of a family planning a cesarean birth. We help you to understand all your options and to develop a plan for a family-centered cesarean birth (also known as a “gentle cesarean”). We will accompany you to the hospital and (with your provider’s permission) into the operating room. After the birth of your baby, we stay with you for at least 2 hours of postpartum and baby-feeding support. We will also help you to create a postpartum plan specifically geared to the challenges of cesarean recovery.

To learn more about our team or any of our services, we invite you to attend one of our free Meet the Doulas events held on the first Sunday of each month. You will have the opportunity to get to know all of our doulas and we will have the pleasure of getting to know you.

Birth Doula Services Frequently Asked Questions

Boston Birth Doula Services

Boston Doula Circle Team

What does a birth doula actually do?

Birth doulas are professional labor support providers, giving you physical, emotional and informational support during your pregnancy, labor and immediately postpartum. This includes helping you to identify your options and preferences around your birth, and creating a birth plan to communicate those preferences to the rest of your birth team. We will offer suggestions to make your pregnancy and labor more comfortable, as well as using hands-on comfort measure techniques during active labor. We will also make sure that you have the time and information you need to make confident decisions about the course of your labor.

Birth doulas are not medical professionals. We will not diagnose, treat or make any medical decisions for you. We will not speak for you, but we will make absolutely sure that your voice is heard!

Do you only work with people seeking to have a natural birth?

Boston Doula Circle supports all types of birth! We have attended beautiful births along the full spectrum from completely natural to those using medical pain relief to cesarean birth. Your birth choices are your own and we will support them at every step.

What if I have a partner? What is their role when a doula is present?

Partners sometimes worry that a doula will “push them out” of the birth experience, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Statistics show that birth partners who work with doulas are actually more engaged with birthing mothers. We support partners’ involvement in whatever way they wish: demonstrating physical comfort measure techniques; preventing unnecessary interruption to the laboring couple; even just giving the partner confidence to take a walk or a nap because they know that mom will not be alone. After a birth, partners are usually our biggest advocates, telling everyone they know, “You’ve got to get a doula!”

How will you interact with my medical team?

We believe in developing a positive working relationship with the doctors, midwives and nurses on your medical team. We work especially closely with your labor and delivery nurses, since they spend the most time with you, and we welcome any suggestions or tips they offer. We often pitch in with whatever needs to be done, building a sense of working together as a team on your behalf. Creating this collegial dynamic puts us in the best possible position to get your needs met and to advocate for you when necessary.

What kind of training do you have?
Our doulas have received their training from

well-regarded professional organizations such as DONA, CAPPA and ALACE. Several members of our team also have extensive training in related fields, such as midwifery, massage, prenatal yoga, CLC (certified lactation counselor), and Newborn Care Expert. Our best training, however, is ongoing and it comes from the 1800 families we have served for over thirty-two years!

Will you be my advocate?

Yes! Many of our families ask for assistance navigating the complex and and often overwhelming medical system. Whether you want a low-intervention, natural approach, or you or your baby need specialized medical care, we will help you gather the research you need to make fully-informed decisions regarding your childbirth and the first few weeks with your new baby. We will coach you on what things to consider and what questions to ask your provider. You will feel confident and pleased with every choice you make.