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Nanny Placements

We will find you the perfect match for a live out or live in nanny

Providing Families with Nanny Placement Services

Connecting families with warm, responsible, and trustworthy caregivers is what we do. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny has been serving families for nearly two decades to provide superb infant care and nanny placement.

We are a boutique nanny agency serving families in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Southern New Hampshire. We focus on understanding the needs of parents and place the best childcare professionals in their homes.

Our elite placement team offers a specialized nanny placement service, providing parents with high quality childcare candidates. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny works with families to find the perfect nanny.

World-Class Childcare

Not all nanny placement agencies are created equal. What makes Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny unique is how we recruit, select, and screen our nannies. Our in-depth screening process ensures that you only meet the most qualified caregivers who will provide optimal care to your children.

Please refer to our FAQs for detailed answers to your most important questions.

Nanny Placements customized for your every need


Screening Process

The team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny makes finding discrete and professional childcare an enjoyable experience. Our personalized approach to nanny placement allows us to better understand the specific needs of your family. Our nanny agency recruitment team is committed to providing the childcare solution that works best for you.

Let’s Find Your Nanny

Questions? Ask us below!

Nanny Placement FAQs

Do you place part-time nannies?2022-10-03T08:25:10-04:00

Yes, however the number of hours and schedule can affect the ease and likelihood of finding a nanny. We work with families seeking various schedules and are happy to talk through the logistics with you.

What is the average nanny rate?2022-10-03T08:24:22-04:00

This can vary depending on a variety of factors. We are happy to share current market trends and standards to help you ensure that your family is offering a fair and competitive rate.

What do we need to provide for our Live In Nanny as far as accommodations?2022-08-09T09:56:52-04:00

A live in nanny must be provided a private, furnished bedroom within your home. Many live in nannies will also have a private bathroom and some even have their own separate kitchen as well. Whatever their accommodations may be, your nanny needs access to privacy when they are off the clock.

Do you offer short-term placement?2024-02-16T11:37:00-05:00

Yes, however, short-term placements must be between 6-8 months in duration and require a minimum of 30 hours per week.  Summer Nanny Placements are available between June and August each year and can be between 2-3 months in duration with a 30 hour per week minimum.  We are happy to talk through your specific needs and logistics!

What’s the difference between a short-term nanny placement and a long-term nanny placement?2024-02-14T18:40:03-05:00

A short-term placement is any placement between 6 and 8 months. Short-term placements are a wonderful way to ensure childcare during uncertain or short periods of time. A long-term placement is any placement over nine months. Long-term placements are ideal for families who are looking to make a nanny a crucial addition to their family.

Complimentary hiring tools & resources2020-10-15T19:36:03-04:00

When you choose to work with Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny, we will provide you with several tools and resources designed to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

  • Nanny/Family Work Agreements/Contracts – a customizable work agreement that you can provide to your new nanny to detail her job description, house rules, benefits, etc.
  • Preparing for Nanny Interview – a document that contains suggested interview questions and suggestions on what to look for during your interview.
  • Candidate Portfolio – contains documents that help you to learn about each individual nanny candidate.
  • Employment & Tax Consultation – to help you understand what Massachusetts domestic employment laws are. We can provide resources to help guide you through the hiring and employment process.
What if the nanny we hire does not work out?2022-03-09T14:05:28-05:00

The team at BBN&N understands that a successful relationship stems from open communication and clear expectations. BBN&N wants both the family and the nanny to be completely satisfied with the working relationship. Although the team works hard to create an ideal match, of course changes can occur. The best way to ensure a lasting relationship is to sign an employment agreement and have your nanny sign it as well. If the relationship does not work out within the first 60 days of a long-term contract, BBN&N will help you find a replacement nanny free of charge.

What benefits should we provide our nanny?2022-03-09T14:02:10-05:00

In order to foster a positive employer/employee relationship, many families choose to provide their nanny with benefits such as paid holidays, vacation, and sick time. Additional benefits include a health insurance contribution, guaranteed hours, and transportation reimbursement (i.e. MBTA pass, mileage, ride share reimbursement).

Are we required to pay overtime?2022-03-09T14:08:38-05:00

Yes. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island laws states that employers must pay overtime to workers who work more than 40 hours in any week. Overtime pay is at least 1.5 x the regular rate of pay for each hour over 40 hours.

When should I expect to meet potential nanny candidates?2022-03-09T14:11:01-05:00

BBN&N prides itself on being very selective in the hiring process and only represents the most elite nannies in the business. Finding a nanny can take between two weeks and two months depending on how many candidates you interview and the availability of the type of nanny you require at the time of your registration.

What is the placement process like?2022-06-06T08:23:29-04:00
  1. Upon signed contract, a face to face consultation with the Long Term Placement Director will be scheduled at your convenience. These meetings are BBN&N’s way to ensure that this placement process is personalized and tailored to your family’s unique needs. During this meeting, the Long Term Placement Director will ask questions regarding your family dynamics, your specific job requirements, and your personal preferences when it comes to hiring a nanny.
  2. Upon completion of your face to face meeting, the recruitment team will use the gathered information to develop your personalized and detailed job posting.
  3. Now it is time for your customized childcare search to begin! Our team hand selects only candidates that directly match your criteria. You will be emailed portfolios with each candidates’ resume, cover letter, and completed references, and background checks.
  4. When you receive a portfolio for a candidate that you wish to meet, our team will help you to coordinate and schedule interviews. Our team will offer our expertise on the interview process and provide helpful interview questions and tips.
  5. Once you’ve identified the perfect nanny for your family the team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is ready to guide you in the right direction in regards to contracts and payroll services. Starting the new relationship with clear expectations and guidelines is the key to success in any nanny/family placement. We provide all the information you need to hire your nanny with confidence.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny values our relationships with our families and prides itself in providing guidance and advice throughout the lifetime of their placements. Our team offers on-going childcare support to both your family and your nanny.

How do I begin the process?2022-03-09T14:13:00-05:00

To begin your search please complete the online Family Nanny Application. Upon receipt, our Long Term Placement Director will email you an information packet and set up a time to discuss your needs further.

What is the placement fee if I choose to hire a nanny through Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny?2024-02-13T22:46:50-05:00

Long-Term Nanny Placement:
To begin the process we require a non-refundable $300 application fee. If you decide to hire a nanny through Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny the placement fee is 13% of the caregiver’s gross annual salary, due upon hiring your nanny.

How does Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny screen candidates?2021-06-29T08:22:54-04:00

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny conducts a comprehensive, rigorous nanny screening process. We only represent the finest career nannies that have impeccable references, experience, and character. As a team of mothers and educators themselves, the nanny placement team understands the importance of knowing that you have the most trustworthy individual in your home caring for your children. That is why we make it our top priority to fully screen and get to know each and every caregiver. To learn more, take a look at our Screening Process.

What are the Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny requirements?2020-10-15T19:48:35-04:00

Candidate must:

  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a High School Diploma (College preferred)
  • Hold a valid Driver’s License
  • Be a Non-smoker: includes e-cigarettes and vapes
  • Have at least 3 years of previous professional nanny/teaching/nursing experience
  • Be proficient in the English language
  • Have positive references from all former employers and personal references
  • Have a professional childcare resume/cv
  • Be an individual whose true passion is working with children
  • Be willing to make a commitment to a family
  • Be following proper safety guidelines in terms of social distancing
How does Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny recruit caregivers?2020-10-15T19:50:13-04:00

At BBN&N, our recruitment efforts are limitless! We pride ourselves in forming long-lasting relationships with nannies and families alike. Therefore, our favorite source of recruitment stems from previously hired nannies and their referrals from other nannies within their network. Our recruitment team is also actively involved in award winning nanny associations within the industry. Our team recruits through local colleges, local job posting sites, and our monthly nanny newsletters. If there is a great nanny out there, our recruitment team will find them!

hear from our clients

Ashley took time to learn about our family’s needs and provided us with several qualified candidates. She was extremely responsive, happily addressing any questions or concerns we had about the candidates/process and acting quickly to help us set up interviews. We are new to the process of hiring a nanny and found Ashley’s support invaluable. From drafting the posting to sorting through contract details, Ashley’s guidance helped us immensely.
Jennifer, Medfield, MA
Ashley was so wonderful to work with! Cannot recommend this group enough!


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