It feels as though we blinked and Summer is nearly over. As the end of August draws near, this is the perfect time to start planning some really fun end of summer activities. For some families, this could mean squeezing in one more trip to the beach, making homemade ice cream, or trying one more outdoor fun sensory project. For me, the best way to celebrate the end of Summer is by reminiscing over all the fun we’ve had and creating a Summer time capsule as a whole family! 

How To Build Your Summer Time Capsule

The style of your Summer time capsule can be anything you want it to be. Here are a few options that might work: shoe box, photo album, scrap book, large glass jar, or shadow box.

What To Put in Your Time Capsule

How do you most want to remember your summer?  Anything can be included! It’s fun to think outside of the box. Not only can physical mementos be fun to look back on, but also consider adding notes about songs that will bring back memories, and funny things that were said that might otherwise be forgotten. Here are other possible items your family could include in your Summer time capsule:

  • Ticket stubs
  • Photos
  • Seashells
  • Brochures from places visited
  • Pressed flower
  • Beach ball
  • Postcard
  • Other keepsakes or souvenirs from a trip
  • A handprint (to see how much you’ve grown)
  • Written playlist of the best Summer songs form 2021
  • All About Me page for each child (this is fun to look back on to see what your favorite ice cream was, or which activity you liked the best and why)

Where Do I Put My Summer Time Capsule?

Your Summer time capsule can really go anywhere, depending on the method of storage you have opted to use. Put it away in the attic, a closet, bury it in the yard (parent approved of course!), or even tuck it away at Grandma’s Summer cabin. The most important part is to remember where you put it so that you can revisit it again in the future!

When Do I Take It Out Again?

While this is entirely up to you, I recommend doing this annually. Every time you have created a new Summer time capsule, you can tuck it away and take out the old one to reminisce over! Or take last year’s out at the end of the school year to discuss what the kids want to do in the upcoming Summer. Enjoy seeing how much the children have grown and bond over family memories!

About The Author

Sarah PSarah Proctor has worked with young children for over 25 years as a teacher, childcare director, nanny, and mom of two girls. She has her Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and Administration from UMass Amherst. In addition, Sarah has her Director 2 certification from the Department of Early Education and Care.