Effective communication is the most important tool to help form a positive relationship between a family and their nanny. Carole Kramer Arsenault, BBN&N’s founder, was recently featured in a parenting podcast: Powerful Parenting For Today’s Kids with Erin Taylor. They discuss the recent high demand for quality childcare as well as how to best communicate between employer and employee.

“Parents cannot and should not attempt this at home alone.” -Erin Taylor

Join in at 5 minutes and 30 seconds to hear Erin Taylor jokingly say this quote while she and Carole were discussing that it truly does take a village. We need good teacher, doctors, and caregivers to help raise our children. As a parent, if you choose to bring a nanny into your home it is important to make sure you’re both on the same page. For instance, do you have similar child rearing beliefs? The family needs to set boundaries ahead of time and use effective communication so that the nanny knows what role she plays in the family. A nanny becomes part of the family dynamic, but that means something different to each family.

Effective Communication and, “Knowing when to pause…” -Carole Kramer Arsenault

Join into the podcast at 10 minutes and 55 seconds to learn more about how to help nannies and parents navigate uncomfortable conversations. Carole and Erin continue to make sure the listener knows that effective communication is key. Carole encourages both parties to tackle problems early on and ask questions when you need clarification of expectations. She also says that it is important to find a solution before tension starts to rise. However, don’t begin a conversation when your emotions are strong, “Know when to pause,” and come back tomorrow.

“Communication is 90% of the solution to most of our problems.” -Erin Taylor

Listen in at 15 minutes and 30 seconds to hear how important it is to find a family and nanny that clicks. A nanny agency takes on the hard work of learning more about the family’s likes, dislikes, needs, and personality to find the perfect nanny match. Some new parents want a nanny to come in, provide lots of child rearing knowledge, and take the reins to help guide them into the new journey of parenthood. Where as other families may prefer the nanny to follow their lead and solely care for the children.

“Every human being just wants to be seen, heard, and valued.” -Erin Taylor

Join into the podcast at 27 minutes to hear Carole discuss that positive praise from employer to employee goes a long way. It can be hard in the hustle and bustle of life to remember to give positive feedback and comments. However, keep in mind that it helps build a deeper connection and relationship. Carole reminds us that getting a simple compliment can cause a happiness chain reaction. When we feel happy, we might then go home and compliment our partner, child, or friend. Erin agreed and added, “A little more kindness, appreciation, and gratitude is like taking vitamins for the whole world.”

Effective communication comes from professional career nannies with experience. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny has online nanny certifications to encourage continued learning to provide high quality childcare providers. Parents, we would be honored to help you find the right nanny match and guide you as you learn more about employing a nanny in your home.