Expert's Favorite Baby Products

Parenting is wonderful but also challenging. It comes with endless questions, concerns and doubts – especially when it comes to deciding which baby products to buy. Baby registries can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive for expectant moms. As new parents, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by all the baby product marketing out there and feel like your baby absolutely needs everything the second they’re born. The truth is, when it comes to baby necessities, less is more

That’s why we’ve asked our team of experts at Boston Baby Nurse to share with you some of their favorite baby products. Each month our experts will share their baby product recommendations: the must haves, the nice to have, and the feel free to skip products.


Newborn Care Expert

January’s baby expert is Amy. With over 19 years of experience as a Newborn Care Expert, Amy is one of Boston Baby Nurse’s most sought-after caregiver. She connects with new parents, anticipates all of their questions, concerns and eases their transition into parenthood. Families love her and we’re lucky to have her on our team. We asked Amy about her favorite baby products and these are some of her favorite products.

Blanket (Swaddler)

“I love the Woombie, it’s s one-step wonder! Parents appreciate the simplicity—there’s no velcro, flaps or extra fabric to deal with”. Amy finds that many babies love having the freedom to naturally move their arms and legs around, while still feeling safe and comforted. They spend less time trying to be an escape artist, and more time getting quality sleep.


Nasal Aspirator

Despite the rather gross name, Amy recommends that parents use the NoseFrida. “It’s by far the best nasal aspirator, and the most popular within online parenting communities”. What’s a nasal aspirator? It’s a small device that uses suction to remove mucus from a baby’s nose through either a tube or a bulb. “Baby’s don’t know how to blow their nose like we do, so it’s hard to help them” says Amy. “I’ve used a bulb syringe. This is a small device that sucks through either a tube or a bulb to remove mucus from the nose. Sometimes you get them from the hospital, but they aren’t good quality, and they really aren’t meant to be used more than once, because they’re basically impossible to clean. If you’re looking for a great nasal aspirator, look no further. This is the only one you need, and nothing else even compares!

Baby Bottle

Smilo Bottles are great for babies who have issues with reflux/colic. The nipple design creates a slow flow which helps to ensure the baby is not getting breastmilk or formula too quickly. Amy points out that using Smilo Bottles can help to reduce or even eliminate post feeding spit ups. Salso likes the fact that Smilo has a minimal number of bottle parts making them super easy to clean and assemble. They are made out of BPA free clear plastic and are dishwasher safe.

No one knows babies like the team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. We’ve cared for 1000’s of babies and we know which products will make your life as new parents easier- or not. We are very careful about recommending only products that adhere to the safety guidelines established by the American Academy of Pediatrics. With over 10 years of experience, Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny has worked hard to become voted Boston’s most sought after and trusted child care resource.

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