So, it’s time to hire a nanny. You’ve been home with your first little one for the past few months but now …. work calls. Or you’re looking for someone to pick up the twins at school, and help with homework and bedtime. Maybe you’ve just found out baby number four is on the way, and a live-in nanny is starting to look like your best choice for childcare. Whichever circumstance you find yourself in, it is no secret that starting the search can be…well, plain intimidating.

Determine your family’s unique needs

Before starting the nanny search, it is important to identify the specific needs of your family.

  • Age/Experience: Determine if there is a certain age range that you are comfortable with for your nanny. Or, perhaps you are more concerned with the amount of experience the nanny has had. Either way, this is where you will begin to filter your search.
  • Nanny Qualifications: There are several different qualifications that can come into play when thinking about hiring a nanny. Anything from having a child with Autism, to having a child in a wheelchair can be a leading factor in your search. Finding a caretaker who has experience, and training in a specific area will be beneficial to the process.
  • Schedule Requirements: This is another huge factor in eventually deciding on the nanny that is right for you. While some families may be looking for a full-time live-in nanny, others only need the help on weekday evenings. Decide what schedule would work best for your family.

Find resources to help your search

You don’t need to be on your own in the search for a nanny! A nanny placement agency can assist you from start to hire. Once the foundation is set and your specific needs are clear the process can begin. Here at BBN&N our team will create a job description, and recommend the Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny nannies best suited to meet your family’s needs. From there, we will provide you with a nanny placement information packet containing the candidates’ background screening details, a copy of each candidate’s completed application, a guide to nanny salaries, tax and payroll information, and a suggested family/nanny contract template. Our team will provide phone and email support as needed, as you schedule and conduct interviews, and make the decision about which nanny feels right for your family.

Trust your gut

No one knows your children better than you do. While someone may be a perfect fit on paper, they won’t always be what is right for your situation. Take your time, meet with multiple candidates, and trust yourself when decision-making time comes around.