Finding the perfect nanny family to work for can feel like an overwhelming task. Ideally, I think we all want to work with people who foster a sense of respect, trust and stability. So how do you find that unicorn nanny family that checks off all of your boxes? Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is here to help you do just that; find a nanny job that fits you with a nearly-perfect nanny family!

What to Consider Before Meeting With a Nanny Family

When it comes time to find a new nanny family, there are quite a few factors to consider. Location, salary, benefits, the number of children, the ages of the children, and the weekly schedule are all things to think about when selecting a new family to work with. It can help to streamline your thinking into a few simple categories:

  • Must Haves
  • Nice to Haves
  • Don’t Need

Really put some proactive thought into what might fit into each category. For example, the minimum salary that you can live off of would be in your “must haves” list. If you love children of all ages, but really prefer babies, that could fit under the “nice to haves.” If you already have health insurance through a family member, then a health care stipend would fall under the category of “don’t need.”  These items will be different for everyone and you should really think hard about what you can and cannot be flexible on.  

Your Comfort at your Nanny Job is Important

You should also consider what you are and are not comfortable with during your day to day experience with a family.  A few things to consider in advance could be:

  • Are you ok with work from home or stay at home parents?
  • Are you comfortable with pets? Or do you have any allergies that could affect your comfort during the work day?
  • Are you comfortable with taking the children for outings by car, foot, or public transportation (pending the family’s location and approval)?

Once you know what you are looking for in a job, the next hurdle is finding a family that fits the mold. This is where working with a nanny agency can be extremely helpful. An agency will already know what each family they work with is looking for in a nanny, what their home situation looks like, and all of the details surrounding the job. After speaking with you, the nanny agency can help match you up with families that best fit the needs of both you and the family.  

Meet & Connect With A Nanny Family

Prior to accepting any position, you should be sure that you have had an opportunity to meet the nanny family in person. A position has the best chance of being long lasting if there is a sense of mutual respect and comfort between parent and nanny. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the family’s parenting style, philosophies on sleep, play, screen-time, eating, and other such topics. If you don’t feel like you can be on board with the family’s beliefs, then the fit is likely not good. Open communication from the very first moment is so important to nurturing a strong employer/employee relationship.

Set Clear Expectations Together

Once you have found a nanny family that checks off all of your boxes, it is important to create your contract terms or written agreement together. Of course agreeing on salary, benefits, and start date are important, but ensuring that you also have a clear understanding of the family’s expectations around your job responsibilities will avoid any confusion later down the road. Such responsibilities to be sure to discuss include: tidying up, laundry, cooking, dishes, running errands, grocery shopping, making beds, ironing, or other types of tasks that are not directly childcare related.

Having a nanny job that you are excited to go to every day is key to your happiness as well as the children’s. Fill out an online application today to get started with us as we help you find your unicorn nanny family! We look forward to talking with you soon about what is important to you in your search for the perfect family.