The time has come to start with your new nanny family. It is so important to start off on the right foot and set yourself up for success. Nannies, how can you make sure you are ready? Here are some tips and ideas from veteran nannies for your first day on the job.

It’s your first day, be on time!!

Showing up even a little bit early for your first day can never hurt and it shows the parents that you’re ready and eager to start your first day! Plan ahead to avoid traffic and make sure you know how to get to your family’s home. Show that you are a professional nanny and plan to be in the area early & show up 5-10 minutes early to settle in.

Make sure your job expectations are aligned.

Make sure that you and the parents are on the same page. Prior to starting ask for time with your family to review your contract! You should know everything that will be expected with your new position. This is a great time to speak with your family about anything you have questions or concerns about. Take time to learn about the parent’s philosophies and what things are very important to them as a family.

Always have a plan for your day.

Set aside a little time to really learn about each child: their schedules and interests. Take notes and bring a notepad to write down things that come up each day. Be sure to have communication with the parents daily. Have an idea of what your day will look like before you step through the door! Having expectations will help with your first day jitters and goes a long way towards trust with the child. 

Connect with the children.

Connection is key those first few days. Depending on the age of the children focus in on that and get down on their level as much as possible. The routine of the job will come with time but building that connection quickly will make everything about the job easier.

Be flexible!

One thing you can count on is some kind of glitch to be thrown into the routines of daily life. Take a breath and adjust to match the needs of the moment. Read the child and know when you just need to pivot and switch the plans. “I find somedays we think we will go to the park and soon realize everyone is exhausted. So, we just reset and adjust to make the child feel safe and happy.”

Take some time to research.

Before your first day, research the area that you will be working in. See what’s around-schools, parks, gyms, music/art classes, any enrichment classes that would be appropriate for the child/children that you are caring for. This will show your family that you have spent time finding some fun activities for their child and that you’re ready to jump right in! Many times, new parents aren’t aware that classes like these are available! They will really appreciate your help!

On your first day, ask questions.

Learn the daily schedule and where everything goes, especially the first-aid kit. This is really helpful and will make the day run smoothly. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions, parents will appreciate that you care. Ask the family to write down some ideas of places to go and things their child likes to do. Have ideas of activities to do with the children as well, such as: parks in the area, story time, baking, an obstacle course, or even bring supplies for sensory play

Join Facebook nanny groups.

Joining FB groups in the area that you will be working in can be really helpful! These groups allow you to connect with other Nannie’s that are caring for a child that is similar in age to yours! Being a nanny can sometimes get lonely, and it’s great to be able to find someone else to set up play dates with! It’s not only beneficial for the children, but it’s great to be able to connect and chat with other Nannie’s!

Take care of yourself!

Remember you need to also take care of yourself in order to be successful. Be sure to always pack a lunch, snacks, and water. It is important to stay fueled so you can feel great each day. We all know this job requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
The best advice on your first day is to go in with confidence, a positive attitude and just be yourself! You are a rockstar! To find out how you can start working as a nanny, send us your resume today!

About The Author

Amy T Nanny Recruitment ManagerAmy Tierney has over 30 years of experience working as a lead teacher and director for childcare centers in the area. She works on the nanny recruitment team with Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. Amy went to Framingham State University for Psychology and Early Childhood Education and has a true passion for young children. When she isn’t meeting and vetting nannies, she enjoys going for absurdly long walks and taking her three awesome children on beach vacations!