Spring is here and that means Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Dads, it is always nice to send Mom out for a massage or pedicure, but a tangible gift for Mom is a nice addition. Moms cherish gifts from the kids and they are even better when they aren’t trinkets that collect dust. Try this easy Mother’s Day craft that can be created one night while mom is cooking dinner or on a weekend when you encourage her to go take a nap. If you need help finding a time that Mom isn’t around, ask your nanny that you hired from our award-winning Boston nanny agency to work on the craft project during the day.

Capturing the Picture

How many pictures do you and your partner have of your family and the kids on your phone that never get printed and framed? If you are anything like me, there are millions! So, this Mother’s Day capture a moment with a message and frame it for Mom to enjoy on her desk or nightstand.

Ahead of time, on thick paper, write in bold letters, “I LOVE YOU!” Then bring your child or children to a well lit area, outside with natural light is great. Have them sit and hold the sign. Ask for a smile and snap as many pictures as you can at once, hoping one will be a winner. If you have kids who don’t like saying cheese or can’t seem to look at the camera, have something funny in your pocket to place right above the camera lens. Additionally, have a funny word or joke. For preschoolers who think poop is funny, you can always joke that a bird just pooped on your head and they should look right at you. Be ready with your hand on the camera button!

Paint the Mother’s Day Craft

Pick up a wooden frame at your local craft store, such as Michaels, or order one online. Gather some washable paint and brushes. Set out the materials on newspaper and let the children decorate the frame however they would like. Some kids might choose to use their fingers, while others would prefer to keep to the brush. Have a wet paper towel nearby to wipe hands and the glass if paint accidently gets on it. However, remember that the paint is washable and it should be a fun activity.

Set the frame on a high shelf to dry so that the gift for Mom isn’t spoiled ahead of time. If you have extra time, while the paint is already out, have the kids decorate a card to add to the Mother’s Day craft as well. Print out the picture, frame it, and wrap it. Voila, you have aced Mother’s Day this year!

A Priceless Gift for Mom

Homemade crafts are priceless and great when you can get good use out of them. Other great Mother’s Day craft and gift ideas are decorated flower pots, handprint hot mats, or even a d√©coupage recipe box. If you know a new mom in your life, try some of these gifts to help her through her postpartum journey. We hope every mom out there has a relaxing and happy Mother’s Day, because you deserve it!

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