The holiday season is upon us and I imagine you are in full preparation mode! With young kids, they want to decorate and feel the magical spirit as soon as December 1st hits. Parents, this can make your life even busier than it already is. Amazon and other online shopping options have made our life a bit easier in the preparation for Hanukkah and Christmas. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is excited to announce we now offer gift certificates! What could be better than giving the gift of newborn care?

Gift Newborn Care & Postpartum Support!

Available on our website, you can now purchase gift certificates to help support new parents. This is great for the holiday season and baby showers. Expecting moms receive SO MANY things, and often too many clothes, as the cuteness is hard to pass up. So, why not give the gift of newborn care or a lactation consultation?! Below are the Services that moms can utilize with their gift certificate.

  • Overnight Newborn Care
  • Daytime Newborn Care
  • Sleep Coaching
  • Lactation Consultation
  • Postpartum Doula Support
  • Nanny Placement

A Gift Providing Peace of Mind

Here at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny we have the most experienced childcare experts. They are caring and have successfully completed thorough training. There is no greater gift than the peace of mind knowing your newborn is in the best of hands. Our newborn care team undergoes an extensive background investigation to ensure we provide the most trustworthy caregivers.

The first few months when a child is born can be incredibly challenging, especially for a new mom. It’s a lot of learning; it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Our Newborn Care Experts will provide all the foundations you need to develop those healthy sleep and feeding schedules to set not only your baby up for success, but you as well. Giving the gift of newborn care extends past their visit, as a Newborn Care Expert provides so much knowledge for Mom and Dad to use throughout their parenting journey!

Here at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny we put your family first! Purchase a gift certificate here, for a loved one this holiday season. I am sure it will be one of their most useful and appreciated gifts! Trust our team to give you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep.