Did you know Grandparent’s Day is Sunday, September 12th? We have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so we should of course celebrate our loving grandparents too. After all they are your child’s friend, role model, babysitter, protector, and so much more! Grandparents love homemade gifts, but they can only have so many knick-knacks. Have the kids make a useful Grandparent’s Day craft with adorable little handprints.

Materials You’ll Need

How To Make Grandparent’s Day Craft

  1. Ahead of time paint the wooden pallet sign all white. Acrylic paint is not washable so an older child or adult should do it. Be sure to put newspaper down underneath to protect your table.
  2. Now have all the grandkids pick a color for their handprint. Make sure to only offer them colors that will be light enough that you can paint words on top in the color navy. If some grandkids don’t live close by just leave a spot for their hands and next time they visit they can add their handprints.
  3. After the handprints are dry, an adult with good hand writing should paint, “Grandkids Make Life More Grand.” If you want, lightly write with a pencil first or write it out on a scrap piece of paper for sizing and spacing. You can also use this stencil if that makes you feel more comfortable. Be sure to leave a little room on the bottom for the clothes pins.
  4. This step is for adults because the glue is so strong. With clear wood glue or super glue, adhere the top half of the clothes pins to the bottom of the sign. Separate them far enough apart to fit 4×6 pictures on each.
  5. Once the glue is dry have the kids help pick their favorite pictures to clip onto the sign. If there are more grandkids than clothes pins then find pictures that have multiple kids in one picture. This picture board is great because you can change out the pictures as the kids get older.

Celebrate Grandparent’s Day Together

Have the kids make homemade cards and baked goods for Grandma and Grandpa. You can bring them over for an afternoon of fun or send them ahead of time and FaceTime on Sunday. Be sure if you mail your Grandparent’s Day craft, cards, and goodies to make a note not to open it until your scheduled call. You can still have fun from afar, play a game of hangman, charades, or Yahtzee over Facetime to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

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