My friend and colleague Abbey McDonald is expecting her second baby. And although she and her husband are very excited to welcome a new little one into their family, she has expressed a few concerns—concerns that I think many parents tend to feel as they expect another baby. So I’d like to share with you our “Second Baby” Series: I will regularly discuss common questions and worries parents have the second time around and provide tips and advice on how to address them. Just a few of these common questions/topics will include:

-When should I start talking to my child about the baby in my belly?

-Why don’t I feel anything in particular toward the baby we’re expecting yet?

-I can’t imagine loving anyone like I love my child. Will I feel the same about our new baby?

-Will I be able to have another successful unmedicated birth? My focus during labor will no doubt be worrying about how my toddler is doing while staying with friends and family.

-Will I ever have time or energy to clean the house, go running, or work when I have a toddler and newborn?

As I address each of these questions, I would love for you to share what concerns you may have or any advice you have about expecting a new baby–so please comment or email us! We’ll kick off the Second Baby Series with a contributing post from Abbey:

I met Carole just hours after I had my son a year and a half ago. She was the lactation consultant at the hospital checking in on how things were going. We connected instantly—she was so warm and reassuring. Although my son had to be               supplemented with formula one time while in the hospital, she really helped me get on track and I ended up breastfeeding my son for his entire first year thanks to her and the positive track she set me on. We ended up working together on her first book The Baby Nurse Bible and continue to do so through Boston Baby Nurse and Boston Baby Concierge. While it has been great getting to know her professionally it’s been amazing to have such an expert and friend there every step of the way with my first newborn. I had so many questions for her: Is he constipated? Sleeping too much? How do I bring down his fever? Should I use alcohol on his umbilical chord? Can I put sunscreen on him? And on and on and on and on!

I always thought, the next time I have a baby things will be so much easier. I’d know what to do. But I’ve found as I expect our second that’s not really the case. A whole new set of questions and concerns have popped up. So I hope you’ll join me in asking Carole her expert advice on some of them!