Postpartum depression (PPD) is a form of depression that affects new mothers after childbirth. It is estimated that 10-15% of women experience PPD, and it can have a huge impact on a woman’s life.

Postpartum Blues are Common

Postpartum Blues are common and occur for less than 14 days. Symptoms include feeling weepy, sad, exhausted, and guilty. Up to 90%of women will experience Postpartum Blues due to the massive shift in hormones after delivering a baby.

Postpartum Depression Symptoms

PPD is diagnosed after 14 days of persistent symptoms of Postpartum Blues and requires medical attention. The symptoms of PPD can vary from person to person, but typically include feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and anxiety. Other symptoms may include fatigue, difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating, and difficulty bonding with the baby.
There are several factors that can contribute to postpartum depression, including hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, and lack of support. It is also important to note that PPD can be caused by a combination of physical, psychological, and environmental factors.
Partners and loved ones may recognize symptoms before the mother sees it in herself. It’s important to encourage Mom to seek medical attention. Left untreated, it can progress to Postpartum psychosis.

Seeking Help

Unfortunately, many women who experience PPD are hesitant to seek help because of the stigma related to mental health issues. However, it is important to remember that PPD is a serious medical condition and should not be ignored.
Fortunately, there are several treatment options available for women experiencing postpartum depression. Counseling, psychotherapy, and support groups are all effective ways to manage the symptoms of PPD. Medication may also be prescribed to help with the more severe symptoms. Take the first steps today and join a virtual or in-person postpartum support group.

If you or someone you know is experiencing postpartum depression, please contact your health care provider. The team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is available to provide a variety of support services for your families as you ease into parenthood.  

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Carole K. Arsenault is the founder and CEO of Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. She has years of experience working with newborns as a lactation consultant, sleep coach, and of course an RN specializing in Obstetrics and Maternal Health. In addition, she is the award winning author of Newborn 101. She has three grown children and loves to share mindfulness tips to friends and parents.