How do you stay organized as a parent? There is so much to juggle when you have a child or multiple children. Not only do you have to keep track of your own schedule and needs, as a parent you must consider the needs of your children as well. Fortunately technology and family apps can prove helpful in staying organized in this day and age.

Organization & Scheduling Family Apps

  • Cozi Family Organizer: Have you ever felt disorganized or overwhelmed with all the different activities and schedules you had to juggle? This app helps keep families organized and allows users to create to-do lists, schedule activities, create and organize everyone’s calendar, and track household tasks. There is also an option to add tasks and chores for the children. It is a shared family calendar so the parents and any other caregiver can stay on the same page about everything.
    • Cost: Free, but requires a subscription for advanced features
  • Custody X Change: This app is for divorced or separated parents looking to work together in keeping their child’s life organized and minimally disrupted from the transition. The app includes shared calendar functionality (including a graph for custody time per a parent), a parenting plan with 100 clauses to choose from, a messaging system with hostility meter to improve communication, and more. Try it for free before you purchase it.
    • Cost: $97/year per a parent
  • Instacart: Have you ever been in a pinch and couldn’t run out to get groceries? Have you been home with a sick kid and couldn’t go to the store? This app allows you to order groceries from the app. You can even create a menu within the app and choose the grocery store of your choice. Your groceries will typically be delivered to you within an hour or less. The delivery fee varies based on the order and your location. There are promotions and values for families.
    • Cost: Free

For Babies

  • Baby Connect: When did you last feed the baby? How long did she nap? What did the baby do while you were on vacation? This app can help parents transition from being at home with their baby to going back to work. Caregivers can put parents at ease by providing detailed information about what goes on each day. It is specifically designed to track the activities, feeding, napping, and diapers for babies. It also includes a feature to track and describe medical appointments and even the baby’s mood.
    • Cost: $4.99
  • Baby Monitor 3G: Are you traveling without your baby monitor? Are you visiting a friend but still want to be able to observe your baby while they are napping in the adjacent room? This app includes an HD-quality video and baby monitor for your phone, tablet, or computer. You are able to hear every noise and even stream live video. It even includes a feature to comfort your baby remotely.
    • Cost: $3.99

For Kids

  • Busy Kid: Are your children old enough to start doing chores? Do you want to start teaching your children about saving their money? This app is the first online platform that allows kids to earn money through chores and then choose what to spend, invest, and save. Each child has their own profile and can check off the chores they have completed to get paid. They can use their money on the app to make charitable donations, invest in stocks, and save.
    • Cost: $14.95 for a family plan
  • Wolf + Friends: Do you have a child with special needs? Would you like to connect with parents who also have a child with special needs? This app is a community for parents of children with special needs. It is created to support parents on this life-long journey. It includes advice from child development specialists about how to support children with anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing issues, developmental delays, mental health issues, autism, and even giftedness. There are also tips about how to best support them with their schoolwork.
    • Cost: Free

What to do in a pinch? Emergencies & Public Restrooms

  • SmartICE: What would you do if there was an emergency? Do you have a plan? This app is designed to help you create a simplified emergency checklist. It allows you to add the contact information for all family members. It also has personalized profiles for all members of the family with medical history, allergies, medications, and anything else a healthcare professional would need to know.
    • Cost: Free
  • First Aid: American Red Cross: Have you ever been in an emergency situation and have not known what to do? Have you been so nervous that you forgot everything you learned in CPR/First Aid class? This app helps parents find a suggested course of treatment for common ailments such as a scrape, insect sting or bite, or allergic reaction. It can help parents determine the best course of treatment for the child.
    • Cost: Free
  • Flush: Have you ever been outside with a child who needs to use the bathroom? What do you do? You hope and pray that the Starbucks around the corner has a public restroom. This app tells users where to find public restrooms. It includes details about the restroom and if it is accessible for those with disabilities and if there’s a changing table. It also allows users to rate and review bathrooms so you’ll know the quality as well.
    • Cost: Free

Stay Organized With Family Apps

These helpful apps can help you stay organized, whether you have a new baby at home or multiple children. Stay organized, care for your baby, connect with other parents, and know what to do in an emergency. Utilize technology to your advantage.

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