Your nanny kids are growing up and are off to preschool or kindergarten. You of course are so excited for their new adventure, but now you have lots of empty time in your day. Nannies, how can you assist your nanny family while the kids are at school?

Tasks For Professional Nannies

There are chores that you have always helped the family with, but now you may need to do more. Previously you may have only washed the children’s dishes or clothes, but now to fill your hours you may discuss including the parents’ laundry as well.

  • Prepare Activities: As a nanny you care for a child’s health, safety, and well-being. It is important that you are also acting as their teacher. You should be providing educational activities to work on developmental milestones, daily. Take a portion of your down time to create activities, perhaps cutting out letters or putting together a sensory bin. You can look on Pinterest to get some ideas rolling.
  • Laundry: Between school clothes, play clothes, pajamas, bedding, towels, and bibs laundry is never ending. You can help families by washing, drying, folding, and putting away the laundry before it piles high.
  • Dishes: Nannies, help the parents come home to a clean house so they can enjoy time with their child. Empty and reload the dishwasher of the whole family’s dishes, on top of the dishes you and the children dirty.
  • Grocery shopping: Suggest to parents to pick a grocery app they can share with you. This way you can add items that the kids finish as well as plan out meals for the week ahead. It’s helpful to pick a day you’ll go shopping each week so parents know to fill out the list beforehand.
  • Clean the playroom: Professional nannies responsibilities revolve around the children, so that includes their playroom. Children should be cleaning up when they finish playing. However, you may have to follow up behind them and wipe down the art table or dust the shelves occasionally.

Extra Tasks To Fill Your Hours

If your nanny family is willing to keep you full-time while the kids are in school, they may ask you to do extra tasks. It is helpful to have some ideas already prepared when discussing this subject. To avoid job creep, be sure to add any new job responsibilities in a written agreement or contract.

  • Cooking Dinner: Offer to cook dinner for the whole family. Depending on what time you leave you could put it in the oven before you leave, have it hot on the table, or have it prepped with a note of how long to heat it up for.
  • Small Errands: Ask if they need dry cleaning dropped off weekly. Can you be helpful by running to the pharmacy or pet store occasionally?
  • Organize the Kids’ Toys: Nannies you see it first hand, the kids have so many toys they often forget about or lose. With the parents’ permission put away some toys and rotate them in and out with others every few weeks so they all get used. You can put books and board games on the shelf in rainbow color code so kids can spot the one they want more easily. Get bins and make tags with the picture and word, such as, “Blocks,” so children know where toys go when they’re done playing.
  • Clean Seasonal Outdoor Toys: When it’s too cold for the water table, clean and put it away for next year. Before Winter comes clean and put away any plastic toys that may crack from the cold.
  • Go Through Kids’ Clothes: Nannies, you are with the kids all the time. You are sure to notice when a shirt has had its last wear due to size or wear and tear. With the parents’ permission go through the kids clothes on a monthly basis or each season. Set aside a pile to ask Mom which she wants to donate, save for a cousin, or put away for her next baby. You might even be able to ask Mom ahead of time for name brands she wants in the keep pile and the rest can be donated. If Mom has buckets of hand-me-downs in the basement make sure to take those out in time to be worn, before the kids get too big for them!
  • Care for Pets: If the family has pets you can offer to walk them. Offer whatever you feel comfortable with, such as: feeding them, cleaning their litter box, or brushing them.

Alright Nannies, so think about which responsibilities you are open to adding to your job description. You may notice your role altering to a household manager as the children get older. This is a normal and perfect transition to stay involved with the family you’ve grown close to over the years.