Often times after birth, so much of the focus is on the infant as visitors are so excited to meet the new baby. Moms hear comments such as, “At least the baby is healthy,” or, “All that matters is that the baby is here now.” However, in reality the new Mom may be struggling with birth trauma, exhaustion, health concerns of her own, or baby blues/ postpartum depression. A postpartum doula is trained to not overlook the parents and to take care of them as well as encourage self-care.

Moms Need Support

​Moms need healing both physically and emotionally after childbirth. However, they are often so consumed by their new baby that they put themselves and their own needs on the back-burner.

While it’s true that the baby’s health is important, it is just as important to have healthy rested parents that are taken care of. Postpartum doulas make that happen by completing tasks around the house such as offering Mom healthy snacks, folding laundry, washing dishes, family meal prep, and even caring for older siblings. This makes a significant difference to a new mother’s recovery as she has more time to rest and bond with her baby.

Sharing your Story

Parents, you may have had a birth plan and things didn’t exactly go as you had hoped. It’s completely normal to grieve the experience you didn’t have. A postpartum doula will listen as you take time to process and discuss your birth experience. This may come out in small increments overtime, or all at once. Talking about your birth experience can feel therapeutic. A postpartum doula will not only listen but can offer nonjudgmental advice as you find your footing as a new parent. If necessary your postpartum doula will suggest a professional counselor or may offer guidance through a book such as, Birth Story Brave, Reimagined.

The Benefits of Having a Postpartum Doula’s Support

A postpartum doula’s role is to fill in the non-medical gaps left by typical, postpartum check-ups with support, education, and guidance. They are there to nurture the new parents, siblings, and the newborn during the 4th trimester.

  • Postpartum doulas offer emotional and physical support to the whole family. This is often a huge weight off of Mom and Dad’s shoulders with siblings. The postpartum doula can care for them, or take over with the newborn so Mom can have some one on one time with her first born.
  • A key benefit to having a postpartum doula when bringing baby home is that she has training to recognize signs of postpartum depression and other postpartum mood disorders. Mom’s hormones are trying to level out after giving birth and having a listening ear who is trained in the field is extra special.
  • Postpartum doulas provide education during their time with the family and therefore leave parents feeling rested, confident, and capable to handle the months to come.
  • The number one benefit of hiring a postpartum doula is helping to make the transition into new parenthood a smoother experience. Research shows that infants and parents have an easier time with this transition when a good support team is in place.

If you are an expecting parent, we urge you to reach out to Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny today. We want to support you in the beautiful, but also nerve-racking experience of bringing home a new baby. Remember to ask your employer and health insurance provider if their benefits program offers postpartum doula reimbursement.

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