Newborn care specialists are here to make the transition from hospital to home easier. As a parent welcoming a little one into the world soon, you’ll likely experience lots of excitement, and joy. Also, it’s likely to experience a bit of anxiety at the uncertainty that lies ahead. You’re not alone! Every new parent experiences some stress at the idea of taking care of their newborn after their arrival.

Because of this, many new parents turn to hire professionals for help after birth! Whether you have your baby in a hospital or your home, a newborn care expert will make transitioning easier! There are a number of professions focused on the care of new parents and newborns, but one to really consider is a newborn care specialist.

What Is a Newborn Care Specialist?

A newborn care specialist is someone that has gone through extensive training to be qualified in the care of newborns. This specialist will arrive at your home the day you come home from the hospital and work with you for 3-4 months after your little one’s arrival!

Newborn care specialists provide help, guidance, and education to new parents regarding the growth and development of their baby. They often care for your newborn in 10-12 hours shifts, overnight or during the daytime. This ensures that your little one is able to stay on track to building successful feeding and sleeping habits early on!

What Does a Newborn Care Specialist Do?

Your hired specialist will do a number of things to help you, and they deliver hands-on care to your baby. They will discuss all the care and routines with you ahead of time to make sure that you can relax while they get to work!

A specialist will take care of everything that your newborn could possibly need in their early days in the home. This includes services like scheduling feedings, building sleep schedules and habits, and monitoring your baby’s health! Your specialist can also report back to you anything they may notice, to keep you informed on what to expect.

If you are looking for a lactation consultant, some newborn care specialists are trained in other areas. Specialists are often trained in lactation consultation, maternal mental health, and newborn development! Their job is to help you provide the ideal environment for your little one, so dont be afraid to ask questions!

How Do Newborn Care Specialists Differ from Postpartum Doulas?

Postpartum doulas are often considered another popular vocation in the maternal care field, and it is confusing to differentiate the two, as they both offer support during what’s considered to be a difficult time!

Postpartum doulas specialize in supporting and caring for families after their newborn’s arrival. This includes emotional support, helping ease physical discomfort, supporting the bond between parent and child, and more. Essentially, their job is to take care of you and make sure you have all the resources to take care of your newborn.

While newborn care specialists do offer some parental support through education and guidance, parental support is not their main focus. Instead, they take the care of your newborn off your hands, so you can focus on rest and recovery. Then while you are receiving your much-needed rest, your baby is getting the care that they need!

Where Can You Find a Newborn Care Specialist?

The number one way to find a qualified and licensed newborn care specialist is through an agency like Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. By finding an agency near you, you have the opportunity to be placed with someone that has been vetted and is well-versed in what they do.

Finding a newborn care specialist can be by referrals from friends and family, or by speaking to your healthcare provider! They will have lists of qualified professionals in your area that they trust.

What to Expect from Your Experience

There are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself for the hiring and arrival of a newborn care specialist!

This will ultimately guide the success of your relationship with your newborn care specialist! Be upfront about your expectations and what you hope to achieve by hiring them. They should be prepared to open a dialogue with you to make sure that both of your goals are aligned!

Lastly, be prepared to keep a lot of records! Your newborn care specialist should be keeping a pretty detailed activity log of your baby throughout the day. By making sure you have these records and logs, you’ll be better equipped to take over!

It’s so important to find after-birth care that works for you and your schedule! Going back to work after your maternity leave or planning on staying at home with your newborn? A newborn care specialist can be just the boost you need to get everyone on track for a successful first year! Reach out to Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny today to secure a professionally trained Newborn Care Expert.