Education in 2020

With COVID-19 still looming, as the fall approaches, many parents are looking into alternatives to traditional schooling for their children. Some school districts are implementing hybrid approaches where students will split time between in-person classes and remote learning. Other districts are electing to do completely remote learning initially, and then potentially transitioning back into the classroom if Covid numbers decline. Many parents are wondering what they should do and how to best educate their children given these unique circumstances.

In-Home Q&A

Q: What if we already have a nanny?

A: Some families with nannies may want their nanny to take on the role of educator, but it is unlikely that the family and nanny agreed to provide education support in the work agreement. Some nannies may be open to expanding their role to become an educator. They will also expect additional compensation for the added responsibilities. According to the International Nanny Association, typically nannies should receive a $2-8/hour raise for the hours they are providing academic support.

For some families this arrangement may work well for both parties, but oftentimes nannies are responsible for the care of the children-not educating the children. Therefore, many families are considering Nanny Educators and In-Home Tutors to work alongside their existing nanny or stay-at-home parent. This can be especially helpful for families with multiple children spanning several years. Families have a lot of questions to consider in the coming weeks as they prepare for the school year to begin. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is happy to offer families additional options for schooling this fall.

Q: Can our nanny educate my child(ren)?

A: Potentially. A Nanny typically provides care for the children’s needs and the organization of their activities and schedule. Most nannies cook and meal prep for the children they care for, provide playtime and entertainment, transport them to and from activities and school, and help with occasional homework. They may provide fun enrichment activities to supplement the children’s education at a traditional school.

Many nannies have a lot of experience working with children but may not hold a degree or have a background in child development or education. In this case, these families may look for educators or tutors with a teaching background.

Q: Should I hire a Nanny Educator?

A: A Nanny Educator fulfills the role of a typical nanny by providing for the children’s needs, but she is also responsible for educating the children. Since a Nanny Educator is providing academic support to children, they will receive a higher rate than a traditional nanny. A Nanny Educator has experience teaching children in an academic setting.

At BBN&N we require educators to have a minimum of 2 years of classroom teaching experience. Therefore, an Educator can be an invaluable resource for families who want support with remote learning. A Nanny Educator is a wonderful addition to any family! Infants and toddlers will benefit greatly from her background in child development and education.

Q: Should I hire an In-Home Tutor?

A: An In-Home Tutor can support stay-at-home parents or nannies with educating the children. A Tutor may come in a few hours each day or just a few times each week to provide academic instruction for the children. Unlike a Nanny Educator, the Tutor will not be responsible for providing care to the children. They are solely responsible for educating the children.

This can be a helpful option for stay-at-home or work-from-home parents who do not have the time and background to provide academic support to their children but can provide care. It can also be helpful for a family with multiple children who have a Nanny. The Nanny can provide care to the child(ren) while the In-Home Tutor works with the other child(ren). Tutors can be especially helpful for families with preschool and school-aged children.

Q: What if we want to create a pod with our family friends or neighbors?

A: Some parents are seeking an educator for a small group of children who are about the same age, now often referred to as a pod. With a shared Nanny Educator, your children will build social skills, receive an age-appropriate hands-on education, and possibly grow friendships. For example, three families with four children in grades 1-2 may choose to hire one Educator and educate the children together. At BBN&N we call them Nanny Share Educators and families can create their own nanny share or let us do the matching.

Q: How will I decide which service is best for my family?

A: Each family has a unique set of needs so there is not a one-size-fits-all method. However, generally if you have multiple children spanning several years it could be helpful to utilize a team of people especially if your school district is utilizing remote learning or if you are not sending your children to school.

There are endless scenarios and Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is happy to provide individual consultations to families. Some families may choose a Nanny Educator who can do it all. Other families who already have a nanny they love may shift the responsibility of the younger children to the beloved nanny and hire a Tutor for their preschool and school-age children. A stay-at-home parent may choose to hire a Tutor to provide academic instruction for their children a few times a week.

Customized Plan

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is here to find a solution for your family’s unique needs. All of our services are customizable, available in person or virtually and families can even share the services with a small group to help bring down the cost. We can’t change what’s going on in the world, but we can make the lives of families less stressful and put the FUN back into learning.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Can Help!

Nanny Educators and Tutors

With the recent uncertainties of the world caused by Covid-19, many families are struggling to find the balance between keeping their children healthy and providing an academic education that provides essential social interaction for children in their formative years.

Nanny Placements

The care of your children is our highest priority. Connecting families with warm, responsible, and trustworthy caregivers is what we do best. Our team will meet with your family, identify qualified caregivers, and hand-select the best candidates for you to meet with.

Other Services

Night wakings can be exhausting for parents and lack of sleep can leave parents feeling scattered and foggy. An overnight newborn care expert provides care so sleep deprived parents can get a good night of sleep. Your baby needs sleep and so do you.

Daytime Newborn Care

Your Newborn Care Expert will care for your infant and create a stimulating environment that will help foster your baby’s development.

In-Home Consultant Visits

Our trained professionals can teach you how to best care for your baby. Many parents have questions about how to bathe their babies, how to swaddle, or a host of other questions. We also offer a variety of breastfeeding support and lactation services designed to help support and maximize your breastfeeding experience.

Baby Sleep Coaching

One in four children under the age of five has a sleep issue. Most children’s sleep issues are behavioral and not medical. If your child is struggling with sleep issues, you are not alone.