We all know it takes a village to raise children. Having a nanny has become a mainstream necessity, rather than a high-end luxury. But what about a household manager? How can hiring a household manager support your family?

What Does a Household Manager Do?

Whereas a nanny’s focus is on childcare first, a household manager or family assistant’s job is to manage and maintain the home first. From the smallest job, such as putting chair pads on the bottom of kitchen stools, to larger projects, like getting queries and quotes on a new roof, the job of a household manager is to support you and your home. It’s our pleasure at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny to find the perfect fit for your family’s unique needs by placing family assistants in CT, MA, and RI.

Household Inventory

Imagine having someone that takes care of inventory for all the rooms in your house, from the bathrooms, to the family room, to the kitchen, to the pantry. Now imagine that same person can note and shop for everything necessary to maintain each of those rooms. From grocery stores, to a hardware store, the dry cleaners, and even the post office a household manager will make every errand run for your family.

Schedule & Manage Household Maintenance

A household manager can research, vet, and arrange for quotes for various home projects. Thinking about getting a new fence? Having someone that can call in various companies and present you with quotes, sizes, dates and company info saves you time. And for a busy family, time is money. Do you need a plumber, electrician, or cable company to come by? Your household manager is ready to receive and relay messages and pay anything necessary pertaining to the job.

Do you have a cleaning service? Your household manager can keep track of Spring and Fall cleaning priorities. Lawn and pool care can be overseen and invoices paid without the parents having to blink an eye.

Receive Deliveries

Nowadays people rely on shipping more than ever, Amazon subscriptions, pet subscriptions, children’s toy subscriptions etc.  From Stitch Fix, to Lovevery, that’s a lot of inventory and a lot of boxes. A household manager will bring in, open, check, and put away the items in their appropriate places, not to mention breaking down all the various boxes.

Pet Care

Family pets need vet care and grooming, as well as various supplies. This is just another job for a family assistant. They can walk, feed, and love your dog.

Childcare Assistance

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common to have hybrid household manage – nanny roles. They flow between the two roles. For example, in the morning they drop the children off at school and then come back to the house and assume the role of household manager, working on tasks throughout the day. When it is time to pick up the children, they are back assisting with childcare.

A household manager is flexible in working for what your family needs and priorities are. For you that may mean meal prep, purchasing birthday gifts, or prepping drinks and snacks for the kids’ soccer game.


How nice would it be to get home from work with the smell of a crockpot simmering or a prepared lasagna that just needs to be placed in the oven? Family assistants can do just that for you! As adults it seems like our days never end and we could all use a helping hand.

What Support Does Your Family Need?

The great aspect of hiring a household manager is the flexibility to tailor the role to your family’s needs. If you feel this might be a good fit for your family, take the time to envision what you seek.

Make a list. You would be amazed how many things you can come up with, in regards to needing help around the house. Including weekly tasks like taking out the trash, as well as pop up tasks such as going through your infant’s clothes that they’ve grown out of. Your Household Manager can even help with budgeting as well as paying bills. If that is something that is important to your family’s needs, it is wise to hire someone with that specific experience or that you’re willing to train.

While you do not have to list everything exactly that your household manager will do, it will go a long way in helping any prospective employees to know what you are expecting. If you plan on hiring a household manager through a placement agency, such as Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny, speak with your recruiter as she will be able to help clarify what you seek in your job description.

We provide household managers and family assistants in CT, MA, and RI. Reach out today if you need a full-time or part-time household manager to keep your house in working order. Additionally, our expert team of placement specialists offer private chefs and housekeepers. Email us today at [email protected].

About The Author

Nancy Infant Massage InstructorNancy M. has worked with children for over 25 years, with all ages and stages. She has been a Nursery/Pre-school teacher, an international and domestic travel as well as live-in Nanny, and House Manager. Nancy is an Advanced Newborn Care Expert, Certified Lactation Counselor, Postpartum Doula, and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. She is Mom to one daughter and volunteer foster Mom at her local animal shelter.