How do you know if an Overnight Newborn Care Specialist is right for you? A career as a Newborn Care Expert can be challenging, rewarding, and fun! However, before you venture into this occupation, there are a few questions to consider. Are you comfortable with a varying schedule? Do you consider yourself a night owl? Do you possess the skills to care for and soothe sick children? If any of these statements were true, a career as an Overnight Newborn Care Specialist may be right for you!

What is an Overnight Newborn Care Specialist?

The NCS specialty, or Newborn Care Specialist, is one of the several specialties that may be found within the field of newborn care. Since they typically help first-time parents from the time they leave the hospital until around 12 weeks, Newborn Care Experts are in demand and many getting into the nanny and childcare field choose this designation. Their specialty skillset consists of the following:

  • SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) Checks
  • Nighttime Feedings
  • Diapering/Changing
  • Bathing
  • Circumcision Care
  • Umbilical Cord Care
  • Bottle Preparation & Cleaning
  • Organization & Maintenance of Nursery
  • Sleep Conditioning and Coaching
  • Education Resources
  • Assistance with Feeding/Sleeping Issues

There is a specialized certification to earn the designation of Newborn Care Specialist or Expert. Candidates for this designation must complete a 40-hour training course and possess at least 5 years of experience with newborns. At Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny, Newborn Care Experts must pass an internal interview and complete two additional trainings on top of the Newborn Care Expert Training written and edited by RNs and MDs.

What Makes a Good Overnight Newborn Care Specialist?

If you are looking to transition from a nanny to an NCS, it is important to understand the distinctions between daytime nanny duties and Overnight Newborn Care duties. Take the time to research and learn more about what is required, any continuing education that would develop your skills, and reach out to others already working in the Overnight Newborn Care Specialist field and gather information about their experiences. The combination of this information will help you decide whether you’re a good fit for an Overnight Newborn Care Specialist position.

Plan Ahead and Be on Time

When dealing with a family, make sure you have a clear understanding of their needs and expectations. It is also important to be punctual as the family who hired you may have to leave and either catch a plane for a business trip or get to their job on the late shift; therefore, being tardy upsets their schedule so be respectful of their time commitments. The standard Overnight Newborn Care Specialist shift starts at 8 p.m. and ends at 6 a.m.

Your Personal Life is Flexible

You’ll need to change your personal habits in order to be an effective Overnight Newborn Care Specialist. Make sure you are comfortable with the following:

  • Reestablishing a proper sleep schedule during the day
  • Managing your mealtimes- Eat “dinner” in the morning and “breakfast” in the evening.
  • Managing your schedule to run your own errands before or after work.

When you are well-rested and mentally prepared, you’ll be able to give your best to your client. If you are interested in becoming a Newborn Care Specialist or Expert, send in your resume and fill out our form today!