A little help goes a long way.

Breastfeeding may be natural and instinctive, but it’s not always easy! We offer a variety of breastfeeding support and lactation services designed to help support and maximize your breastfeeding experience. Our services include prenatal education, postpartum in-home lactation visits and postpartum support groups.

In-home Lactation Consults Before and After the Birth of Your Baby

New Baby Lactation Consult (birth through 6 months)

Breastfeeding is very much a learned skill between mom and baby and it takes practice, support and sometimes a little perseverance. While it can be common to face challenges in the first few days and weeks of breastfeeding, our services provide an array of strategies to guide and support parents to ensure that they move towards successful breastfeeding. Our consults are done in the privacy of your home, in an environment where you and your baby are most comfortable.

This consult includes:

  • Feeding Observation and Assessment
  • Latch explanation and practice
  • Weight check for Baby
  • Nipple issues and treatment
  • Breast tenderness issues and treatment
  • Supplement overview (when needed)
  • Pump inspection, fit and instruction

Lactation Consult FAQs

What are Some Reasons to Work with a Lactation Consultant?

  • You have had a less-than-desired breastfeeding experience in the past.
  • Your newborn is not latching or you are having pain during the latch.
  • You are experiencing damaged and painful nipples.
  • Your breasts are engorged or you are dealing with plugged ducts or breast infections or you are having breast pain of any kind while nursing.
  • Your baby is not latching or is having trouble feeding.
  • You are concerned about your milk production.
  • You have been told to supplement with formula or artificial infant milk (AIM).
  • You are concerned that your baby is not getting enough to eat and you are not sure how to tell.
  • Your baby is not gaining enough weight
  • Your baby is preterm and you wish to provide him with your own milk
  • You need expertise in choosing a breastpump, pumping, and/or safely storing your milk.
  • You need to return to work or school and need guidance on making this change work with continued breastfeeding.
  • Your baby gets teeth and you are concerned about biting.
  • You have some health issues and need to know more about breastfeeding and your special situation.

What is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, IBCLC?

The International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or IBCLC represents the “gold standard” in lactation consultant credentialing. An IBCLC certified lactation consultant is a healthcare professional with a considerable amount of clinical hours of direct care of the breastfeeding mother and baby. They are required to acquire many hours of education in the fields of lactation, counseling / psychology, anatomy and physiology, early childhood development, breastfeeding equipment and technology, pharmacology and ethical issues. The must also pass a stringent examination followed by recertification every five years.

Will my health insurance cover this visit?

Many healthy insurance providers will reimburse you for one or more visits with an IBCLC for reasons listed above. We will supply you with an invoice to be submitted to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

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