Breastfeeding may be natural and instinctive, but it’s not always easy!

A little help goes a long way. To better support new mothers and babies we’re collaborating with the team at Boston NAPS. Our common goal is to help babies thrive by providing the type of support services new mothers and families need to meet their feeding goals for their babies.

Boston Baby Nurse and Boston NAPS Lactation Consultants

Boston NAPSBoston Baby Nurse is dedicated to ensuring as many mothers as possible have the support and education they need after having a baby, especially as it related to breastfeeding. This means teaming up with some of the best companies in and around Boston to provide additional support services to families during those first few days and months home. In order to better support and educate breastfeeding mothers and their babies, we have teamed up with Boston NAPS for all of your breastfeeding needs. Their comprehensive line-up of prenatal breastfeeding education, in-home lactation visits after delivery, and free breastfeeding support groups, offers a resource for everyone.

Boston NAPS offers three different options for in-home lactation support to best support each families individual needs.

In-Home Lactation Consult

Enjoy a private, in-home lactation visit from one of our lactation specialists.

This 1 hour visit consists of the observation of a feeding during which tips and suggestions are made regarding positioning and latch in order to improve your baby’s latch and increase milk transfer from you to your baby. You will receive a customized plan addressing your questions and concerns. This is a valuable opportunity to troubleshoot any specific breastfeeding concerns with not only a board certified lactation specialist, but also a Registered Nurse.

In-Home Lactation Consult With Pumping Education

Benefit from the lactation consultation as described above, plus pumping education

This visit includes everything listed above for a lactation visit as well as additional time spent to ensure you know how to properly use your pump. This includes taking your pump out of the box, learning how to assemble it and use its parts, proper fitting of phalanges to your breast/nipple size, and proper cleaning of your pump and its parts. Pumping education also includes information on when and how to start pumping, creating a pumping schedule, and how to safely handle and store your breastmilk.

Newborn Consulting

This visit is designed for parents to have an RN visit them during their first days or weeks home from the hospital.

This visit is designed for parents to have an RN visit them during their first days or weeks home from the hospital. This 2 hour visit allows for ample time to ask questions and for hands on learning with your baby. The visit will start with discussing your feeding choice and the best practices and recommendations as it relates to your choice. If you are breastfeeding, we will do a pre and post feed weight, observe a feeding, and provide feedback and support regarding positioning and latch. If you are breastfeeding and pumping, or exclusively pumping, we will show you proper set up, use, and cleaning of your pump and its parts, as well as safe storage of breastmilk and when and how to introduce a bottle. If you are bottle feeding, we will discuss safe preparation of formula or donor breastmilk, proper bottle feeding techniques, and amount to offer at each feeding based on child’s age and health history.

The second half of the visit will then be dedicated to discussing normal newborn behaviors, healthy feeding and sleeping schedules, when and how to introduce a pacifier, soothing techniques, and hands on practice of bathing, swaddling & soothing techniques, filing and clipping nails, diapering, and much more! Parents often create a list of questions that they have, as the first week home is very new and exciting, but does come with many questions. This visit provides you with the opportunity to ask those questions to one of our RNs who specializes in newborn and postpartum care.

Free Breastfeeding Support Group

Breastfeeding Support Group Near Me

Join a free, drop in, breastfeeding support group.

Get out of the house with your baby, meet new people, and gain insight and support from other new or experienced breastfeeding mothers. You do not need to register for the group, but instead can feel free to drop in at anytime during the scheduled hours. View upcoming support groups here:

Lactation Services Frequently Asked Questions

In-Home Lactation Visits FAQ

Breast Pumping Advice and Help

1. Will my visit be covered by my insurance?

Many insurance companies will reimburse for one or more lactation visits. While Boston NAPS is a private company and cannot bill your insurance company directly, we will provide you with a receipt and a detailed invoice. Your invoice will include specific information that your insurance company is seeking, such as diagnosis codes for medical billing, to provide you with your reimbursement.

You may also choose to pay Boston NAPS with your FSA or HSA card.

2. What do you do with the lactation consultant during the visit?

Each lactation consultation visit is an hour long and done in your home. Just before our scheduled appointment, we ask that you please have your baby in a clean diaper and a swaddle for when we arrive.

Your Boston NAPS lactation consultant will bring a scale and take the baby’s pre-feed and post-feed weight. This is to see exactly how much milk transfers to your baby during a feeding.

This visit is all about you! We will provide personalized breastfeeding instruction and answer any questions you have. We will go through your baby’s latch, and if something isn’t quite right, we will help make adjustments to improve it. Our lactation consultant will show you best practices to feel comfortable when you feed your baby. We can help you create a feeding schedule for your newborn, or provide feedback to make your existing feeding schedule work even better.

3. Can we talk about pumping?

Yes! We offer a “Lactation Consultation Plus Pumping” visit. This is our regular lactation consult, but we’ll stay a little longer to teach you how to use your pump, and to discuss the ins-and-outs of pumping, along with any other questions you may have.

4. Can we talk about other newborn care topics (i.e. eating and sleeping schedule, pacifier use, safe sleep, etc)?

Absolutely! First-time parents generally have tons of questions and we’re happy to be a support to you.

If this is your first time bringing home a baby, we encourage you to book a Newborn Consultation. This 2 hour visit will start with discussing your feeding choice at length (if breastfeeding, this portion of the visit includes everything as described in our one hour lactation consult) and then the remaining time will be spent answering all of your questions and concerns as it relates to your baby. We will take the time to answer all of you and your partner’s questions thoroughly, as well as provide you with hands on demonstration and practice of newborn care items, if requested or needed.

5. When should I call you?

It’s best to call us after you have delivered and are still in the hospital, so that we can come to see you during your first day or two at home. Your milk usually comes in once you’re home, and it can be helpful to have someone come in to let you know when this has happened and the changes you may begin to see with feeding patterns.

In the hospital, you have an abundance of support. When you get home from the hospital, you may feel a bit on your own, so we want to provide an extension of that support, helping you to make sure that your baby is eating right and that the baby is getting enough milk during feedings. You don’t need to have a colossal problem for us to come in. Honestly, it’s nice to have an expert confirm that you’re doing it right and offer you one-on-one breastfeeding support in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

6. How quickly can I see someone?

We strive to schedule appointments within 24-48 hours. Contact us here to schedule an appointment.