During the winter months it can be more difficult to get outdoors especially in freezing temperatures and with the snow and ice. Especially with remote learning it is essential that your child takes breaks throughout the day to enjoy playtime and to get her body moving. Although outdoor play and fresh air is beneficial, it is not always feasible especially if you only have a short window of time. However, there are many fun indoor activities for children.

Indoor Activities

Arts and Crafts

Children enjoy creating their own projects so if you supply coloring utensils, coloring books, paint, beads and string, and other craft supplies they will happily create their own masterpiece. Be mindful of what types of art projects are age appropriate and be sure to supervise.

Board games

Board games can be a fun activity for the whole family! Children learn about following rules and strategizing while having fun. Most board games include the recommended age to play. If you have younger children encourage them to play on a team with an older sibling or a parent. Be mindful that many board games have small pieces which can present a choking hazard for a small child.


Puzzles can be a good calming activity for children that they can work on independently or with a sibling. Encourage them to work together and use their problem solving skills before requesting help. If you are working on a more advanced jigsaw puzzle this can be a fun activity for the whole family.


Reading is a great activity that children can do independently as they get older or with you when they are younger. Find a story that piques their interest so they are motivated to listen or read.


Audiobooks can be a great option so children can listen independently to a book that they could not read on their own. This is a good quiet time activity.


Your child may enjoy baking a delicious treat with you or a friend. Children of all ages can participate in baking. Even young children can help add sprinkles or mix ingredients. Older children may be able to bake more independently but should be supervised while using sharp objects, such as knives, or the oven.

Sensory Bin Activities

Younger children enjoy tactile activities where they can explore their environment with their hands and other senses. You can make age-appropriate sensory bins with rice or cheerios and add items for them to touch and play with. If your four-year-old is interested in dinosaurs, fill a bucket with rice and dinosaur figurines. Encourage them to dig and then count how many dinosaurs they can find.

Movement Breaks


Most children enjoy dancing, and this can be a good way to get their energy out. Let them choose a few of their favorite songs to dance to or play a game of freeze dance if you have a few children.

Play Red Light, Green Light

This is a good game to get children moving in more of a controlled environment. Children should be able to follow the directions and stop when you say red light. This game could be played indoors if there is enough space.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a good indoor break activity because they can play in a small space but can still move their bodies.


Your child can move their body and focus on calming down while doing yoga. There are a lot of free online yoga exercises designed for children. Cosmic Kids is a fun yoga-based adventure.

Talent Show

Host a talent show for your family or with other families in your quarenteam. Encourage the children to sing or dance or perform another talent.

There are many indoor activities to keep children entertained during the winter. Try something new and have fun with your family!

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