During the infant phase, there is usually a focus on motherhood and helping moms adjust to having a new baby. Dads may wonder what they can do to be involved in their baby’s life. There are many ways a dad can help and interact with their new baby. You may wonder what kinds of things you should be doing during this stage.

Building a Relationship

Don’t stress about what you “should” and shouldn’t be doing as an infant dad. The absolute most important thing in your baby’s life right now is building solid relationships with his parents through communication, interaction, and affection. As long as you provide these things, your baby will be on track developmentally and having lots of fun in the meantime!

Get Outside

Dress your baby in weather-appropriate clothing and go out for a walk. You can do this in your own yard or head down the street, whatever works for you. If possible, carry him in your arms or in a baby carrier. Especially if he is used to being carried primarily by another caregiver, it will be good for you two to have that closeness while he explores his environment. Describe various things you might see as you walk around–a red car, tall green trees, or white snow. Describe sounds he might hear–the birds chirping, a bus going by, or the wind blowing. You may think he won’t understand you, but all of these interactions and associations will settle into his brain, and before you know it, you’ll be shocked by all he does understand.


Continue to read, read, read. Take the time to sit your baby on your lap as often as you can and read books. While it’s good to have a few age-appropriate, simple books to go through, there’s nothing wrong with reading a few longer stories with big illustrations if your baby will sit through them happily. The sound of your voice will soothe her and she will get used to listening and paying attention, and will also continue to make valuable associations as you point to things in the book. Just be sure to read fairly slowly so she can hear each word clearly.

Dance and Sing

Dance and sing with your baby. Put together a playlist of your favorite songs (nothing too harsh, of course) and designate it for you and your baby’s soundtrack. Every night when you get home, take your baby in your arms, put on your soundtrack, and dance and sing along. Your baby will love the closeness, the swaying motion, and hearing the different songs. He’ll also learn to recognize this time as part of his routine, and will really look forward to it.

Being an Infant Dad

Babies love their dads and will cherish the time spent together as they grow up. Although infants seem less capable than older children, they appreciate the quality time with their fathers. The Baby Nurse Bible includes “Checking in with Dad” sections written for dads to give them ideas of how they can be involved in their baby’s life. At Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny we support parents. We provide newborn care services to families and online courses for new parents and caregivers.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Services

Night wakings can be exhausting for parents and lack of sleep can leave parents feeling scattered and foggy. An overnight newborn care expert provides care so sleep deprived parents can get a good night of sleep. Your baby needs sleep and so do you.

Daytime Newborn Care

Your Newborn Care Expert will care for your infant and create a stimulating environment that will help foster your baby’s development.

In-Home Consultant Visits

Our trained professionals can teach you how to best care for your baby. Many parents have questions about how to bathe their babies, how to swaddle, or a host of other questions. We also offer a variety of breastfeeding support and lactation services designed to help support and maximize your breastfeeding experience.

Baby Sleep Coaching

One in four children under the age of five has a sleep issue. Most children’s sleep issues are behavioral and not medical. If your child is struggling with sleep issues, you are not alone!

Nanny Placements

The care of your children is our highest priority. Connecting families with warm, responsible, and trustworthy caregivers is what we do best. Our team will meet with your family, identify qualified caregivers, and hand-select the best candidates for you to meet with.