Although we’d all like to think that in 2012 potentially harmful chemicals would never even make it into baby products, that’s unfortunately not the case. Because of this, I devoted a section of The Baby Nurse Bible on how best make the most informed product, household and food choices for the health of your little one. But I was happy to see some progress on the part of a big brand–Johnson & Johnson–in announcing a phase out of dangerous chemicals like triclosan and formaldehyde-releasers in their personal care products, including baby lines. Efforts such as the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Campaign for Safe Cosmetics have really helped this big decision along and they’re showing how serious they are in working WITH companies that they created a Thank-J&J petition, which helps send a message to other large brands.

And if you’re wondering about that lotion or body wash you’re using on yourself or your baby, or are seeking out safer products in general, look them up on the EWG Cosmetics Database. The lower the rating, the safer it is for you and your family!