Best Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party with cake and ice cream and all the fixings? Well, it turns out there are a lot of fixings. We’ve come a long way since Pin the Tail on the Donkey. There are lots of ideas to choose from the trends of 2019. Whether your party theme is Frozen or Fortnite, an enchanted forest or a scavenger hunt, mermaids or Mickey Mouse, legos or llamas, you’ll want to include this year’s hottest party elements.

Fun Food

The more colorful the food, the better! The same goes for anything on a stick. Skewered chunky fruit and cake pops are party favorites. They can be eaten easily with little hands, and there’s no need to miss a minute of the action. One of the hottest trends in party foods is donuts. Whether frosted, sprinkled or glazed, a donut wall can do double duty as edible party décor. Of course, nearly every birthday party does include a cake, and number cakes are the ‘it’ cakes this year.

Balloons, balloons, and more balloons

One traditional party element that hasn’t gone out of style is the balloon. A garland of balloons at the entrance to the party leaves no doubt where the fun reigns. It also provides a festive backdrop for photo ops. Alphabet and number balloons can spell out the birthday girl’s name and age for a special keepsake, and they add whimsy to any centerpiece. With a literal rainbow of color choices, your theme of ombre pastels (unicorns, anyone?) or bright, bold colors will be the talk of the town.


These party drinks are growing in popularity. The older kids will get a thrill from drinking a frou-frou drink in a martini glass or cup rimmed in sugar crystals. Try out lemonade garnished with a tiny skewer of raspberries or sparkling water with a slice of lime on the rim. They’re sure to hit the giggle spot.

Fun and Games

If your little one is celebrating a birthday later in the year, be prepared. She may become obsessed with the lovable characters from these upcoming movies: Frozen II, Dumbo, The Secret Life of Pets, Dora the Explorer, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The festivities don’t begin and end with fun food and decorations. Oh, no, let the games begin! Your theme may be all the inspiration you need to keep the kiddos entertained. If you need a few ideas, check these out: cheese puffs snack toss, water balloon wooden spoon race, donuts on a string or flamingo ring toss.

Happy Birthday Song

Time to blow out the candles and make a wish!