Every week I have the extreme privilege of working with new moms in my role as a lactation consultant. Some babies and mothers take to breastfeeding easily while others require various attempts and tools to get things going. But despite some of the issues we may run into, for the most part, everyone I see is happy, healthy and getting off to a great start as a new family.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case for countless women both here in the US and around the world. That’s why Christy Turlington Burns started the “Every Mother Counts” campaign: to increase education and support for maternal and child health. She also directed the film “No Woman No Cry” to help spread awareness of the staggering maternal death statistics and overall lack of maternal support across the globe. Check out the trailer:

As I mentioned yesterday, in an effort to support Every Mother Counts, Holly Pavlika, founder of the blog Mom-entum  started Moms4Moms. She asked these amazing fellow bloggers to help her spread the message:

Katja Presnal skimbacolifestyle.com

Molly Gold gomominc.com

Dagmar Bleasdale Dagmar’s momsense 

Beth Feldman rolemommy.com

Niri Jaganath mommyniri.com,

Erica Diamond womenonthefence.com

Sherry Aikens babypop.com

Audrey McClellandmomgenerations.com

Kelly Loubet everydaychildhood.com

Julie Cole mabelslabels.com

Katrina Carefoot ficklefeline.ca

Linda Grant nycsinglemom.com

I urge you to visit any of the above blogs for more details, and go to the Moms4Moms Facebook page today, donate if you can, and pass along the cause to friends and family as your way of celebrating Mother’s Day this year.