Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Boston-area Moms-to-be at Magic Beans in Brookline where I discussed baby nurse tips about everything from baby preparation, hospital logistics, and post-birth moments to breastfeeding, soothing and newborn care.

One topic we spent quite a bit of time on was making healthy choices in food, personal hygiene products and household items. I was happy to see our guests breathe a sigh of relief as I highlighted total toxin elimination is impossible and there’s no need to purchase the organic versions of everything. I outlined small steps they could take towards a healthier, more chemical-free lifestyle. For example, swapping out conventional high-pesticide-load fruits and vegetables like apples and sweet bell peppers for organic versions, and using home-made household cleaning products versus using toxic versions that dominate the market. I also recommended websites like Environmental Working Group and Skin Deep to help them stay informed on latest research and product safety information.

It was so wonderful to listen to each mom share her feelings and ask questions with the goal of creating the best possible environment for her baby. It was also great to meet moms having their second child–while they inherently come to the table with the knowledge of having been there, they were eager to continue learning about happy and healthy life with a newborn. Huge thanks to the moms who attended the event and to Magic Beans for hosting.