We all know the saying that breast milk is liquid gold. We also know it has many health benefits. So, let’s get the most out of it! You feed it to your baby, but has your pediatrician told you other benefits, such as massaging a drop into the corner of baby’s eye to help open a clogged tear duct? In the award winning parenting book, Newborn 101, Carole Kramer Arsenault, RN informs us, “If your baby scratches himself with his nails, rub a few drops of breast milk on the cut. When applied topically, breast milk helps prevent infection and promotes healing by fighting off bacteria and viruses.” Both drinking breast milk and applying it topically to effected rough skin patches has shown to help soothe eczema as well.

Make 8 bars of breast milk soap with 4oz of your milk

We’ve all heard of the super smooth goats milk body soap, so why not breast milk soap? Well thankfully, Bubz is a company that thought of just that. After lots of testing to find the perfect soap to breast milk ratio they have created a breast milk soap kit. You only need 4oz of your milk to make 8 bars of soap! You can use up older milk in the back of your freezer or fresh milk from your last pumping session. So what else do you need? Nothing! You buy the kit from bubzbaby.com and they supply the directions and materials.
So I did just that; and as an added benefit I had a lot of fun making the soap. If you have a toddler or school-age child they can join in the fun of making homemade soap as well.

Let’s get started

soap making kitI started by making sure my breast milk was at room temperature. In Bubz’s kit, there are two bags of soap discs. I decided to only start by making 4 bars of soap; so therefore I only needed to defrost 2 ounces of milk. Next, I melted the soap discs following the directions provided in the kit. When it was purely liquid, I added in my room temperature breast milk. Bubz provides lavender essential oil and a few colors of mica powder to be used as a natural dye. These steps of the soap making project are left up to the creator. I chose to add the essential oil, but not the mica powder. You may choose to have unscented soap, but a little color sprinkled in.

Bubz also provides a 99% rubbing alcohol to spray on the top to settle any bubbles that formed while pouring the soap into the molds. They tell you in the directions that the rubbing alcohol evaporates and none is left on the soap once it’s hardened, but again that step is totally up to you. I didn’t have any bubbles so I chose not to spray it on and my soap came out perfect. Next, I let the soap harden in the fridge for a little over 3 hours. When I took it out, the directions said to let it warm up to room temperature. I did that and my wonderfully smelling soap popped out quite easily from the molds.

My family loves our breast milk soap!

I of course had to try out the soap on myself and my 6 month old son. Well the results are in, we love it! On top of the gentle components of breast milk in the soap, there is also shea butter and oat protein. My skin was ever so soft after a relaxing shower with the scent of lavender in the air.

Do keep in mind, this is not a two in one baby body wash and shampoo; it is just for their body. I suggest getting the bar of soap wet on a washcloth and applying the soap from the washcloth to your baby’s body. It has natural, real soap ingredients so the salt in the soap will sting if it gets in their eyes. We did not have a problem with it and my son stays in the bath to play for a bit longer after getting washed. If you are worried about your active toddler getting it in his eyes then he can just use it as hand soap to keep his hands smooth in the dry, Winter months ahead.

They make excellent stocking stuffers for loved ones who get dry, cracked skin in the Winter. Or even better, buy the kit as a holiday gift for a breast feeding mom. The Bubz baby soap kit also makes a great baby shower gift for an expecting mom! Bubz was gracious enough to offer our readers and clients with a $5 off promo code (BubzBabyFive) to help keep spending down this holiday season.

Now it’s your turn to make your very own breast milk soap with Bubz baby soap kit. We hope this promo code helps during the holiday season; enjoy!

About The Author

Kelsey Dickson has over 15 years of experience working with children as a nanny, preschool teacher, and now a mother. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and works for Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny as the eLearning Manager. Check out our online childcare classes, such as Baby Sign Language and Sleep Coaching 101! In her free time she enjoys gardening with her son, going for walks with her husband and dog, and discovering local wineries in New England.