We chatted with Co-Founder and CEO of EmBeba, Thai-Anh, to learn more about their product. The Don’t Be Rash Diaper + All Over Balm has been a life saver in our household with diaper rash and eczema so we wanted to learn all about this amazing product. Let’s hear what she had to say!

How did you come up with the idea of your “Don’t Be Rash” Embeba stick?   

  • While on a family trip to Bosnia my daughter developed a terrible diaper rash and eczema flare up. We had brought along all the normal products to use and nothing worked. It was really hard traveling with a cranky, uncomfortable baby, and not being able to help her. While we were there, we were given a generation-tested Bosnian remedy that was used by farmers in harsh conditions to calm and soothe their irritated skin. We used it on our daughter and it worked like a charm! It was then that I had this inspiration to introduce this amazing, natural product to more families struggling with eczema and rashes in an effort to make dealing with these issues EASIER and BETTER. This is why the balm is more like a toy, in an easy to use tube and gently glides on as a thin and effective layer.  


How many times a day do you suggest putting the Embeba balm on a child with eczema?  

  • The wonderful thing about our Don’t Be Rash Diaper + All Over Balm is that you can use it as much as you want!  For my infant, I put the balm all over him and his diaper area at every diaper change.  For my 4 year old preschooler, I put it on every few hours if there is an eczema flare up, otherwise, it’s 1x a day after bath.


Do you, personally, use the balm as a preventative to diaper rashes after every diaper change with your children or just when their bottom looks sore?

  • Absolutely!  I actually have been using it for 2 years since my first born was a baby during our product development phase.  This balm works the best with every diaper change.


I love that I can read all your ingredients and know exactly what they are. However, if my child gets any of the balm in his mouth accidentally should I be concerned?

  • This happens all the time with my children and dog!  It’s non-toxic, but I would recommend that there is always adult supervision with any skincare product.


The one ingredient that surprised me was St. John’s Wort. I know that to be a natural medicine for mental health stability. How did you learn it was safe to put on babies’ skin?  

  • I didn’t come up with it. It’s actually what the locals in the area add to their herbal mixture for dry skin relief.  In fact, St. John’s wort has antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiviral properties.  There is some early research that also shows applying the liquid or ointment version decreases the severity and size of psoriasis patches.  


I heard your container can be used for something else after it’s empty. What is it? I am so intrigued!

  • One of our core pillars is sustainability, so we create a container that can be “upcycled” and reused as an activity for kids.  It is the perfect shape for holding crayons and the interior tube is a coloring book.  Since it is 100% cardboard it is also great to be used as a seed starter. The EmBeba team often jokes that it is perfect to hide moms’ chocolate stash! The possibilities are endless on what you can do with the tube once it is empty!


You clearly care about what goes on and into your children’s bodies. Do you have a favorite sunscreen you would recommend to moms during the warmer months?

  • For eczema or sensitive skin, I always advocate a less is better approach to ingredients.  Use mineral based types with broad spectrum protection (UVA and UVB).  Also, a hat and sun protection clothes are a must for outdoor activities.


Have you ever had success using the Embeba stick to help with itchy bug bites?

  • Absolutely!  We had feedback saying that it worked wonders for bug bites and we had to try it ourselves!  I now have it as part of our outdoor routine in the summer.


Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny encourages you to try the Don’t Be Rash Diaper + All Over Balm from EmBeba. We highly recommend this product and have tried it out on our families and received nothing but rave reviews. Read Kelsey’s experience using Embeba on her 4 month old son.