For generations, the words intuitive, discreet and empowering haven’t exactly been used to describe breast pumps or the pumping experience for a new mom. As a New York Times article recently put it, the breast pump “resembles a piece of farm equipment. It’s cumbersome, heavy and noisy. Its users must be partly nude.”

Furthermore, working moms have long had to retreat to dusty storage closets or bathrooms several times a day if they wanted to keep up their supply and provide breast milk for their babies. Not anymore.


Companies like Babyation are are modernizing the breast pump for women to more closely mimic natural breastfeeding. The Babyation breast pump can be used with clothing on, is quiet and can be controlled with a handy app that logs amounts pumped, and recommends settings depending on whether you’re a new mom, or have been pumping for a while. See how it works here. Not a bad gift to go in on for yourself or a mom-to-be, that’s for sure.

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