Healthy Family, Happy Baby

From looking and feeling your best during and after pregnancy, and nourishing your baby, to learning how to transition your little one from bottles to solids for optimal nutritional health, Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny’s nutrition consultations provide support, guidance, education to meet your all of you family’s health an wellness needs.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition consultations are designed and optimized to suit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a one-time consultation or a series of guided sessions, the objective of all consultations is to help you take actionable steps toward your goals while continuing to enjoy delicious food and living a fulfilling life.

This visit also includes a pantry makeover and additional coaching needs, such as allergy-specific diets for parents and children, detoxing the home, baby’s first foods and more—specific requests are welcome.

Consultations will vary depending on your needs, but may include:

  • Nutritional guidelines for pregnancy
  • Nursing mother diet recommendations
  • Postpartum weight-loss programs
  • Baby’s first foods guidance
  • Allergy and food sensitivity coaching and recipes
  • Family meal planning
  • Food brand tips and advice
  • Pantry makeovers
  • Detoxing the home toward a more chemical-free and green lifestyle

Your visit begins with goal setting and development of a customized program that includes nutrition counseling, education and wellness resources. We will focus on immediate steps that can be taken toward achieving your goals through nutrition counseling, education, wellness resources, and a personalized program suited to your lifestyle.