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Long before I got up the nerve to start my own blog I spent a lot of time reading dozens of mom blogs and continue to do so whenever I have the chance. Why? Each has their own unique, eloquent or witty style of writing that keeps me coming back. Some recommend good products–ones I can feel good about passing along to the families I work with. And others just seem to address the same scenarios and feelings I’ve been through personally as a mom or that I see new moms going through on a daily basis. Then there are those, like Boston local Jodi Grundig, who really encompasses all of those traits. I read and respect her work not only as a fellow mom, but as a fellow businesswoman. Through her various successful blogs she covers a range of topics from personal experiences and her favorite products to managing family fiances and exploring the Boston area and events as a family. She has created a name for herself in the wider blogging world, not only as a writer but also as an authority on social media and business to consumer relations, sparking unique national opportunities with brands as well as media coverage. And in the midst of all that she manages to bring people together, both online and off.

One of Jodi’s latest projects has created a community of bloggers based in and around Boston: Boston Parent Bloggers. I recently had the chance to ask Jodi a few questions about this venture and her background and I am happy to share them with you here:

Carole Arsenault interview with Jodi Grundig, co-founder of newly launched Boston Parent Bloggers

C. When and why did you start blogging?

J. I started blogging in 2007 initially as a hobby, but after I left my full-time job, I really started developing my site, and added additional sites.  I’ve always loved to write and this was a good way to fulfill my passion.

C. What topics do you enjoy writing most about?

J. Travel writing is my favorite, and I’m lucky in that I get to do quite a bit of it.  I also like writing about food, finance, kids’ products, and beauty products.

C. What topics regarding motherhood and family have been most challenging to address?

J. There are definitely some polarizing products out there.  Anything around bottle-feeding, processed foods, or cleaning products often results in lots of different opinions.  I try to give my personal opinion, which may differ from others.

C. How did you and your co-founder Christy Matte meet?

J. Christy and I initially met at a blogging event in Boston, and we became friends after attending a variety of different blogging conferences.

C. When and how did the idea to create Boston Parent Bloggers come about?

J. Christy had the concept and was looking for a partner to help her bring it to fruition.  We were sharing a room in NYC for the Time to Play Spring Showcase, and started discussing the concept.  I eagerly volunteered to help – we desperately needed something like this in Boston.

C. What kinds of subjects do the parents in Boston Parent Bloggers write about?

J. Everything!  We have dad bloggers, mom bloggers, fitness bloggers, coupon bloggers, food bloggers, hyper-local bloggers, etc.  There’s such a great cross-section of content.   You can see a sampling of latest posts at

C. You’ve been part of a few charity events in the past year. Any specific charity events planned in the next year that you can share?

J. Nothing specific or definitive yet, but I’m certain there will be plenty of charity events in 2011!

C. Does Boston Parent Bloggers have any plans to host events that will invite non-blogging area-parents?

J. At this point, no, we don’t have any plans for non-bloggers.  We’ve been asked that though, so at some point we may expand.

C. Why do you think it’s important for parents and bloggers alike in the Boston area to connect with one another?

J. There are so many synergies when bloggers band together.  Blogging can be a very isolating, but the community is wonderful if you can find the right one.  With the Boston Parent Bloggers network, we can learn from each other and build our own communities together.

Thanks so much to Jodi for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to check out Boston Parent Bloggers–as Jodi mentioned, there’s truly something there for everyone to read from first-time parents, and breastfeeding moms, to stay-at-home dads and parents of toddlers to teens. Engaging in these local online communities can help create a meaningful support network you’ll come to appreciate as a parent. You’ll also enjoy reading Jodi’s blogs Multitasking Mommy, Mom’s Favorite Stuff, The Full Piggy, and Family Friendly Boston!