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Nanny Educators & Tutors


Our top-rated New England Nanny Agency is here for you!

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is now offering Educational Nannies and Tutors in across New England. Our Nanny Educators and Tutors have a minimum of 2 years of classroom teaching experience. Parents can choose a full-time Nanny Educator who assists with implementing the curriculum provided by the school, or a tutor who comes a few hours per week to help children focus on specific subject areas.

All of our services are customizable and available in-person or virtually. Families can even share the services with a small group to help bring down the cost. We can’t change what’s going on in the world, but we can make the lives of families less stressful and put the FUN back into learning.

Top-rated nanny agency new england

Let’s Find Your Educator

Simply let us know if you are looking for a Nanny Educator or for a Tutor (in-home or virtual) and our team will work with your family to identify the educational plan that fits your families needs.

The BBN&N Private Nanny Educators are excited to work closely with families to create a learning approach that fits your family’s unique needs and goals—it’s customized learning at its best.

Questions? Ask Below

Educational Nanny & Tutor FAQs

What is the next step?2020-10-15T19:08:18-04:00

If a Nanny Educator or Tutor seems like the right fit for your family, contact BBN&N today to get started on finding the perfect match! Our elite team will work with your family to identify the specific educational plan that fits your child’s needs and learning styles. We look forward to hearing from you!

How long should I expect the placement process to take?2020-10-15T19:09:25-04:00

Placement times can vary and the ultimate goal is to provide your family with a successful relationship. Our Long Term Placement Director will meet with your family face-to-face to develop your unique job posting. The recruitment team will then meet with all qualified candidates to determine if they are a good match for your family. The average time from initial consultation to signing an agreement with a Nanny Educator or Tutor is 4-8 weeks.

Does BBN&N place Nanny Educators and Tutors within a “pod-like” setting?2020-10-15T19:11:50-04:00

Yes! Some parents are seeking an educator for a small group of children who are about the same age, now often referred to as a pod. With a shared Nanny Educator, your children will build social skills, receive an age-appropriate education, and experience hands-on learning in a safer setting. Nanny Share Educators and families can create their own pod or let BBN&N  do the matching.

What are the typical hourly rates for Nanny Educators and Tutors?2020-10-15T19:12:45-04:00

Because Nanny Educators perform traditional nanny duties, while also holding a degree or certification in education, their hourly rate tends to be higher. For a full-time Nanny Educator, families should expect to pay $30-$40 per hour. For a tutor, which is generally on more of a part time basis, families should expect to pay $45-$75 per hour depending on experience.

How do I know which option is the right fit for my family?2020-10-15T19:14:58-04:00

A Nanny Educator fulfills the role of a traditional nanny, while providing age-appropriate educational support for your child’s specific learning needs and grade level. Your Nanny Educator will have at least two years of teaching experience in an academic setting. Nanny Educators have the background that equips them to support and enhance previously developed curriculum provided for remote learning. A Nanny Educator can be an invaluable resource for families who want support with remote learning.

Unlike a Nanny Educator, the Tutor will not be responsible for providing care to the children. They are solely responsible for educating the children with previously developed curriculum. Tutors can be a helpful option for stay-at-home or work-from-home parents who do not have the time and expertise to provide academic support to their children but don’t need help with basic care or household responsibilities. Tutors are also a great option for a family with multiple children who have a primary nanny, but may need additional support with academics and virtual learning.

My child could benefit from more social interaction. What are my options?2020-10-15T19:31:33-04:00

With a shared Nanny Educator, your children will build social skills, receive an age-appropriate hands-on education, and grow friendships with others their age. Whether you’d like to start a nanny share group with friends or would like to join an existing group, we have a match for you.

I’d like to limit social interaction for health and safety reasons. What are my options?2020-10-15T19:33:35-04:00

We have several options available for parents wishing to educate their child while adhering to social distancing practices. We have private tutors available who will educate your child one-on-one in the home. If your family is looking for a service with no social interaction, ask about our virtual private tutoring session, which are held entirely online.

What curriculum will my child learn?2020-10-15T19:34:18-04:00

Educational nannies can incorporate a custom, age-appropriate curriculum into your child’s daily routine or they can manage the demands of an existing online learning platform.

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