In High Demand

So many families are looking for nannies right now so they are in high demand. Many children will be learning remotely so families with school-aged children are looking for childcare as well. In the past these families may have relied on afterschool programs or extracurricular activities. In this new era, many parents are forced to juggle remote learning and their own careers, while working from home. Nannies can prove invaluable for parents during this time. We asked a seasoned nanny about her experience and what she enjoys most about nannying.

When did you become a nanny?

Through the summers of college and graduate school I worked as a live-in nanny for a family with three children. I earned my degree in Elementary Education and taught for a few years after graduate school. After several years I decided to shift to full-time nannying to invest in a few children. I missed developing the personal relationships and seeing them grow and develop over the years. As a nanny, I was able to use my education background to teach the kids I nannied.

What do you love most about being a nanny?

I really love being a nanny and would not trade it for another career.

  • Develop deep relationships with children – I am able to connect with and invest in a family for a number of years. I develop personal relationships with the children and see how they grow and change throughout the years. As a classroom teacher I was unable to really get to know each child as an individual. I was able to understand their learning style, but I did not experience their full personality. From my experience, the student-teacher relationship is a lot less personal than the child-nanny relationship. Your students may confide in you once in a while, but not often. As a nanny, the children often confide in you about their proudest moments and what they are struggling with.
  • Autonomy and independence – As a nanny I am able to manage my time as long as I get the children to their activities and complete the household tasks. As a nanny there is often a lot to juggle but you have freedom in managing it all.
  • Variety – Unlike most jobs, nannying is never dull or boring. It’s ever changing and you learn and grow through the journey. I really like the fact that everyday is different. Some days are packed with set plans and activities while other days are wide open. Kids love being able to plan their ideal day, especially on no school days. Before Covid we’d choose a museum or fun spot for the day and sometimes eat out for lunch or grab ice cream or a special treat in the afternoon.
  • Creativity – There are so many opportunities to be creative and think outside the box as a nanny. In fact, I would argue that this is an essential skill of an awesome nanny. Kids love when you come up with a fun game or art project for them to work on!

What do you choose to go through a placement agency?

An agency helps you find a family that is a good fit, which can be difficult. Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny connects families and nannies based on compatibility in a variety of areas which helps ensure greater job satisfaction and increased job security. Most importantly, working with an agency means you’ll have an advocate throughout the duration of your employment with the family. It is so helpful to be able to ask the experts for advice about raises, yearly evaluations, and other questions that may arise.

But will I earn enough money to support myself as a nanny?

Yes! Nannies can earn a great salary comparable to most teaching positions, higher education jobs, and even marketing and corporate positions. I am always surprised that I actually earn more than many of my friends working in other fields.

Looking for an enriching position with a loving family?

If you are an experienced, responsible, dependable and warm caregiver who adores kids of all ages, Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny invites you to apply for placement with our agency.

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