How do you go about expressing appreciation to the person who cares for your most precious possession? It is so important to make sure that your nanny knows and understands how much her hard work, love, and dedication matters to you as a parent. Here are some great ways, during National Nanny Appreciation Week, to remind your nanny of just how much his or her support means to you!

1. Write a letter to your nanny to tell her what you love about her.

Very little goes further than a heartfelt note. Let your nanny know that her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Reminding them in writing of what makes them special to you and your family is a wonderful way to make your nanny feel extra special during Nanny Appreciation Week or any time of the year.

2. Have your children draw a picture of your nanny, then ask them to either write (or tell you so that you can write) all of the things they love about her. 

Allow children to take the time to think about what they love about their nanny, enjoy doing with her, or a favorite memory. Seeing the children express their appreciation and love is just as touching as when the parents do it.

3. Give your nanny an impromptu paid day off.

No matter how much your nanny loves your children and spending time with them, an unexpected paid day off is always much appreciated! Nannies are often so busy caring for others that they don’t take the time to rest, run their own errands, or do something for themselves.  

4. Offer a small monetary gift.

A little extra pocket change is always appreciated. Nannies work hard and may even spend their own money from time to time picking up arts and crafts supplies, or treating the children to a fun day out.  Offering a financial gift during National Nanny Appreciation Week will be appreciated.

5. Treat your nanny to dinner!

Whether this means the whole family taking the nanny out for an appreciation dinner, or giving her a gift card to a favorite restaurant, this is a great way to say thank you. Everyone loves a good meal!

6. Give them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

Does your nanny stop for coffee every morning on the way to your house?  Why not show you care by covering the cost of that coffee run for a week or two? Your nanny will feel appreciated and also have lots of energy for your kiddos!

7. Give her a spa day.

Nannies work hard all week taking care of your children and supporting your family. What better way to say I appreciate you then to offer a spa day where she can take care of herself? A massage or a facial is such a nice way to relax and rejuvenate on Nanny Appreciation Week.

8. Buy flowers and write, “Thank you for helping my children bloom!”  

Flowers are a universal sign of love, thanks, and appreciation. Adding a cute phrase to the card is a fun and playful way of showing your nanny how much you care.

9. With the children, bake something from the heart.

Maybe it’s heart shaped cookies or your nanny’s favorite treat. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to make your nanny something delicious and heart felt is a terrific way to show how much their hard work means to you. It can also show just how well you know them!

10. Let your nanny know that you are thankful for them each day!!

It truly is the little things that go a long way! It’s easy to get locked into a routine and overlook what’s going on around you. Just remembering to take the time to say thank you on a regular basis for things your nanny does goes such a long way. Nannies are often going above and beyond to help families out. Showing them you’ve noticed means the world.  

How will you and your children shower your nanny during this year’s National Nanny Appreciation Week, September 19th through the 25th? And remember to show appreciation and thanks throughout the year for your nanny who cares for your children so dearly.