New mom gifts can be tricky. She has already gotten the registry items and might not need anything more for the baby. While you want to treat the new mom and make her feel special, you also don’t want to overstep. These ideas will surely leave any new mom feeling like a rockstar, no matter how well you are acquainted.

1. Pre-Paid Postpartum Services

When mom comes home from the hospital she needs more support and less tangible items. Give the gift of newborn care, overnight support, lactation consultation, and more. Flourish Fund offers all of these services as a gift! Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny also has gift cards to purchase on our site.

2. Postpartum Basket

Most new moms have been showered with gifts for their babies once they arrive. What about the things she might need after giving birth? Delivery is no joke and often comes with painful postpartum symptoms.

Put together a postpartum basket full of items to ease the new mom’s pain and make her life easier. Nipple pads and creams are great items to put in a postpartum basket. She may also appreciate an upside-down peri bottle or medicated cooling pads that will offer them some relief.

3. New Mom Gifts For Keepsakes

Sentimental keepsakes like foot imprints are an excellent way to capture precious moments. New moms don’t have the time to shop for these keepsake items, so gifting them would be a fantastic idea. Footprint photo frames or albums that mark milestones and display articles like first locks of hair are fabulous gift ideas.

4. A Warm Meal

With a newborn, parents don’t have much time to prepare a nice meal. They’re reaching for coffee and a prepared meals in the freezer. Perhaps you could bring a home-cooked meal with ready to warm instructions or a frozen meal that they can dump in their crockpot in the morning. If cooking isn’t your thing you can also order food and have it delivered from their favorite restaurant or send a gift card to a food delivery service such as, Hello Fresh or Daily Harvest.

5. Instant Camera

An instant camera, such as the Fujifil Instax or Polaroid Go, is one of the best tangible new mom gifts. They are sure to be snapping pictures of their little ones frequently and may not have the time or energy to get them printed. They will only have photos on their phone or camera to show others their bundle of joy.

Polaroids print right then and there for families to catalog or put on display. An instant camera can be a game-changer for new moms who want to record every moment and milestone in their baby’s life.

6. Subscription Services

Subscription services are gifts that keep on giving. Coffee or tea subscription boxes are terrific choices offering the recent mom a chance to try new things without leaving the house. It might also help their grocery bill.

Food delivery subscriptions can help them with meals since they won’t have as much time to cook. Wine subscriptions can double as ways to celebrate milestones as well. Label the wine with purposes for a celebration like “first date night after the baby is born.”

7. Comfortable Clothing

New moms are going to be changing their clothing constantly. Newborns constantly spit up — and both parent and child will likely need more than a few outfit swaps. Since the new mom probably won’t be able to fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes yet, some new comfortable clothing might be the perfect gift. Order a set from an excellent loungewear brand that will make the new mom comfy and cute when she isn’t feeling her best.

Give New Moms What Counts

No matter what you decide to shower her with, it is the thought that counts. Think about what the family needs and what you wished you had gotten the first few weeks home. Mom is sure to appreciate any new mom gifts that are full of love and care.

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