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Who says babies don’t come with instruction manuals?

Newborn 101, by Carole Kramer Arsenault: A MUST read for parents!!

Newborn 101 covers important topics such as:

  • Preparing for the birth of the baby,
  • Making the most of the hospital experience
  • What to expect during those first early months
  • Guidance on sleep, schedules, feeding during the first year
  • And much more……

“It’s like having an experienced maternity nurse available around the clock to answer your every question.”

As a pediatrician, I recommend it to all my patients. Newborn 101 has updated information on Premature Babies and Multiples! This book is easy to read (especially for fatigued and overwhelmed parents).

— Carrie D. Stucken, MD FAAP, Pediatric Partners, Boca Raton/ Affiliate Assistant Professor of Pediatric (and mother of twins).

We get detailed instruction books when we buy a car, a cellphone and even a toaster, but not when we bring home a precious child. Newborn 101 is the manual we have been waiting for! This book guides new parents through the amazing yet often overwhelming experience of caring for a newborn. I only wish I had a copy when I had my first child.

— Paula J. McEvoy, MD, Pediatrician (and mother of four)

As the mother of twins, I found the first version of the Baby Nurse Bible a lifesaver. Now, the newest version, Newborn 101, provides information on those hard to find topics such as premature babies and the NICU experience. Expecting or new parents will find this infant care book so useful!

— Cathy Caillouette, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Boston, MA