Secrets from Expert Nurses on Preparing and Caring for Your Baby at Home

by Carole Kramer Arsenault

Seasoned baby nurses: Who better to help brand-new parents prepare and care for baby!

Newborn 101 Book

Over the last two decades, Carole Kramer Arsenault—a pediatric nurse and the founder of Boston Baby Nurse—has assisted hundreds of Boston-area parents through pregnancy, labor, birth, and all their new responsibilities once baby comes home. Now, in Newborn 101 (previously published as The Baby Nurse Bible), Arsenault and her team of baby nurses share their expert advice with parents everywhere! Newborn 101 covers the first trimester of pregnancy through baby’s crucial first three months:

“The Baby Nurse Bible” was a valuable resource to our family. As a pediatrician, I recommend it to all my new parents. I was thrilled when Carole called to tell me she was writing a new book- Newborn 101! Much to my excitement, she has updated the book and added even more information on Premature Babies and Multiples! Her book is easy to read (especially for fatigued and overwhelmed parents). It has practical and real-life tips on how to care for your baby, and also how to care for yourself during this difficult period. It is chock full of up-to-date advice from a truly reliable resource.

— Carrie D. Stucken, MD FAAP, Pediatric Partners, Boca Raton/ Affiliate Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

As the mother of twins, I found the first version of the Baby Nurse Bible a lifesaver. Now, the newest version, Newborn 101, provides information on those hard to find topics such as premature babies and the NICU experience. Expecting or new parents will find this infant care book so useful!

— Cathy Caillouette, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Boston, MA

Newborns don’t come with manuals! We get detailed instruction books when we buy a car, a cellphone and even a toaster, but not when we bring home a precious child. Newborn 101 is the manual we have been waiting for! This book guides new parents through the amazing yet often overwhelming experience of caring for a newborn. I only wish I had a copy when I had my first child!

— Paula J. McEvoy, MD, Pediatrician (and mother of four)