Bundles of Joy

We’re here to help. Feeling prepared for childbirth, confident in newborn care, and getting the support you need early on lays an invaluable foundation as you make this life-changing transition. Our special package outlined below—for both expecting and experienced parents—allows you to choose what’s best for you at a savings of over 20%.

Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny + Boston NAPS

Bundles Include

Your Choice of Two Consults

Infant & Child First Aid CPR

Newborn Essentials

Lactation Visit

Nutrition Consultation


+ 2 Overnight Care Visits

Overnight Newborn Care


Cost: $780

Savings of over 20%

Nutrition Consultation and Overnight Visits provided by:
Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny

Infant & Child First Aid CPR, Newborn Essentials and Lactation Consultations provided by:
Boston NAPS

Bundles of Joy Consultations

Infant & Child First Aid CPR Private Class

This class is taught by a BLS certified Registered Nurse and is based on the teachings of the American Heart Association’s Family and Friends CPR Anytime program.

The course covers CPR response for an infant and child as well as what to do if an infant or child is choking. Discussion topics include first aid response for cuts, burns, anaphylaxis, head injuries, bee stings, and more.

Newborn Essentials

Learn how to care for your newborn with hands-on practice during this class.

You will learn how to change a diaper, give a sponge bath, and perfect your newborn swaddle. The class is taught by a Postpartum Registered Nurse and will help to answer all of your questions and prepare you for what to expect for life at home with your newborn.

Lactation Visit

Enjoy a private, in-home lactation visit from one of our lactation specialists.

This 1 hour visit consists of the observation of a feeding during which tips and suggestions are made regarding positioning and latch in order to improve your baby’s latch and increase milk transfer from you to your baby. Our lactation specialist will do a pre and post feed weight in order to evaluate how much breastmilk your baby is getting during a feeding.

We will then create a customized plan for you and your baby that will address your questions and concerns and will assist you in reaching your breastfeeding goals. This is a valuable opportunity to troubleshoot any specific breastfeeding concerns with not only a lactation specialist, but also a Registered Nurse.

Nutrition Consultation

Healthy Family, Happy Baby

From looking and feeling your best during and after pregnancy, and nourishing your baby, to learning how to transition your little one from bottles to solids for optimal nutritional health, Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny’s nutrition consultations provide support, guidance, education to meet your all of you family’s health an wellness needs.

Nutrition consultations are designed and optimized to suit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a one-time consultation or a series of guided sessions, the objective of all consultations is to help you take actionable steps toward your goals while continuing to enjoy delicious food and living a fulfilling life.

Consultations will vary depending on your needs, but may include:

Your visit begins with goal setting and development of a customized program that includes nutrition counseling, education and wellness resources. We will focus on immediate steps that can be taken toward achieving your goals through nutrition counseling, education, wellness resources, and a personalized program suited to your lifestyle.

This visit also includes a pantry makeover and additional coaching needs, such as allergy-specific diets for parents and children, detoxing the home, baby’s first foods and more—specific requests are welcome.

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Overnight Newborn Care

Sleep deprivation is not only exhausting – it can leave parents feeling tired and foggy.

The good news is that the team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny is here to help. Our overnight newborn experts will lovingly care for your baby and respond to every need. Whether interested in one overnight visit or seven overnight visits you can be reassured that your baby is in the very best of hands and developing healthy sleep habits on the way. Trust the team at Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny and get peace of mind.

What To Expect From Your Overnight Newborn Care Specialist:

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I wanted to be sure to send a quick note to say how AMAZING it was to have Charlene with our family last night! Her calm confidence let us all rest assured and made for a fantastic night of a great rhythm for Baby Theo – and actual rest for us all, happy day! We’re all just floating with bright eyes and calm this morning – such a dream!
Gloucester, MA
My husband and I did a private class at home, which was great because we were not able to attend the hospital course because it didn’t suite our schedules. It was so great to be able to go at our own pace and ask questions without feeling shy. The nurse was thorough and friendly, and we felt more empowered as a couple for when the baby would arrive.
Baby nurses are great and Boston Baby Nurse has completely turned our life around. My baby slept great for the first 4 to 5 weeks and then all of a sudden started getting up at night every hour. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and frustrated to say the least. I spoke with Carole at Boston Baby Nurse and set up a baby nurse visit. The first night our baby nurse came was wonderful. I went to bed at 10:30 got up once at 2:00 to breastfeed and then went right back to sleep until 6:00 am. I woke up completely refreshed and relaxed. It has been a month and we still have a baby nurse come two times a week.
Cambridge, MA
I used Boston NAPS for a Lactation Consultation with my 3 week-old. Emily, the Nurse Practitioner, was fantastic and went over all of the basics of breastfeeding and pumps. The hour was well worth the money spent – I came away from the session with renewed confidence. I continue to follow-up with Emily, and the Boston NAPS team, as new questions on feeding arise.
Charlestown, MA